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    PvP Burning Bow Dragonhunter

    How do builds like this work for a brand new player who just joined the game. I see a lot of gear that seems required for this build to be optimal (I think). Since I'm new to the game I'm unclear exactly how the PvP works in this game. I noticed when I joined PvP I was pushed to lvl 80 but I felt extremely weak when I tried a thief in battlegrounds. I was straight up getting wrecked. If this build isn't so good without the gear/Sigils and Runes/etc is there an optimal build that can be used for a f2p person that is brand new to the game, or should I just wait for the new patch that is coming to even bother? Maybe its not very smart to even be bothering to farm gear this late in the patch to PvP. I mention f2p mainly because I can't see paying for the game yet if I haven't really experience it yet. I also mention it because the thief build I was originally trying to use required a specialization that wasn't available to me because I don't have the expansion. So this could have been a reason why the thief wasn't working to well in PvP.