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  1. Fractals don't run away. ^^' And thanks all for the warm welcome, really appreciated!
  2. I had no problems with you coming along Declan, you should stay next time! Just for the heck of it. =p
  3. Of course I escort my fellow pack of pups, school of quaggans or rabbit community! Forward to the great guild mission rewards, and beyond!!
  4. Oh yes, I've heard there is another Cyan lurking around in the OpenCommunity! We even had a little confusing situation ingame about that. When hosting guild missions on wednesday, I got someone in my squad who wasn't aware it was for TKT guild missions, and thought I was the other Cyan or something like that. Nobody knew what was going on! =p
  5. Heya all, Cyan here. I'm currently one of the officers in The Knights Temple [TKT]! I'm a quite normal human being, almost hitting the age of 25, and living in the Netherlands. My gaming history has a big "casual" stamp on it, and I think that's also suitable for my GuildWars 2 behavior. I started playing with the beta's, with a "achievements aren't important", "always do things you enjoy", and "don't follow the meta if you don't like it" mindset. I'm glad I found people and a community where those things are accepted. Other games I played are GuildWars, Aion, TERA, Blade & Soul, and various GTA games. I somehow always played games on my pc, never had a console. In my daily life I'm a graduate in social work, and currently looking for a job. To earn some money while searching, I deliver mail weekly (it's a terrible job, I do not recommend it). Things I like to do beside gaming are sports, searching for new music to listen over and over again, doing fun stuff with my friends, and watching series like Game of Thrones, a lot of comedies, and my all time favorite Grey's Anatomy. =3 I'm not often on TS (I don't like to hear myself speak), but I will wander around and occasionally pop up. *waves*


We have an open Teamspeak, which can be freely used by guests in need of a practical voice communication solution.

Address: ts.theopencommunity.org

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