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  1. Enigma

    In case you wondered...

    Right, hello again... By way of an explanation, the simple version is I have mental health issues and I had a bit of a breakdown after my ex moved out. I don't expect sympathy or allowances to be made, so don't worry. I'm just letting you know. I plan to come back soon, probably on Tuesday for the new content. I may or may not be able to do this. But I am still alive and I miss you guys. The entire community. Except egg blocking. If I never have to do that again...
  2. I'm almost done with stuff, hopefully I'll have my gaming PC back up in time for the community weekend.
  3. Enigma


    Update: Most of what needed doing is done but I can't get my gaming PC set up just yet, and GW2 (or at least, graphics intensive community stuff) is a bit beyond this poor laptop! Nearly done though, and normal service should resume shortly.
  4. Enigma


    Hey guys, Look, there's been an emergency at home. I don't want to discuss it but I'm going to be online, if sporadically, for a while. Kill plenty of wurms for me.
  5. Enigma

    Daily Dragon's Stand

    So it's the daily today (25th) - do we need to organize one of these? I've never done it before.
  6. Cos I sure do. Raziya Amaranthe aka Enigma/Enigmatic reporting in courtesy of my new buddies in RNG.