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  1. Chadh

    Raid Squad for Starters

    Hi, I'm currently guildless and I'm looking for a guild to raid. I came back 2 months ago and I've seen almost everything till now. One thing I like to do is raids. Unfortunately I don't any experiences in those raids. I'm a quick learner and I do quite of research myself about the bosses. I have Condi engineer , healing druid and condi necro. Engineer and Necro van be changed into power based builds. Engineer and Necro both have ascended gear equipped. If you like to contact me in game , here is my id Chadh.3462 , I'm mostly on after 5pm GMT Chadh
  2. Chadh


    Hello everyone , I'm Chadh and I'm currently looking for a PvE raiding guild. I started GW2 when it came out and stopped before HoT came out. 3 weeks ago I started back with GW2. Till now I have achieved every Masteries there are except Forsaken Ticket. I have experiences with MMORPG before. I used to be a WoW player till Cataclysm. I was Resto druid back then. Currently I have 3 main characters : Engineer , ranger and necromancer. They all are fully equipped with ascended gear and I have some back up pieces depend on fights. If you are interested , feel free to whisper in game Chadh.3462 Thank you Chadh