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Supporter Rewards - How Do They Work?

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Hey everyone!

This is not an update or a change of how things function, and we already once made a post about this when it was originally announced in 2016, but I wanted to post a little refresher with this information, which we're hoping to put on its own page soon ^^


What are Supporter Rewards?

Supporter Rewards are our way of thanking people who support the community by donating to keep our Teamspeak, website and game servers running, as well as those who donate towards sponsored charity causes.

These rewards range from supporter icons on our Teamspeak, badges on the forums and cosmetic groups on Discord and Minecraft, to custom artwork and even physical items. Some of the latter might be limited by number, as our artists are volunteers and can only commit to drawing a limited amount of artwork, and our physical item numbers can be limited. You can see the current supporter rewards on our donate page.


Earning progress towards Supporter Rewards

Supporter rewards appear in sets, each set consisting of several tiers of rewards. Only one set is active at a time, and once a set is changed, the old set will not be available again, meaning rewards earned during that time will be unique!

Let's take a look at the currently active Radiant Set:

  • Any Amount - Supporter (also available in future set)
  • 15€ - Shiny Supporter (also available in future set)
  • 30€ - Lucent Supporter
  • 70€ - Radiant Supporter
  • 120€ - Ascendant Supporter

Your progress in any given set is saved and added up over time, which means donating small amounts over time can bring you to higher reward tiers. This includes any donations made to sponsored charity causes.

When a set changes, your progress in the old set is locked, and your progress in the new set begins from zero.

Additionally, the first two tiers - Supporter and Shiny Supporter - are included in the next set as well, so your progress up to and including those two tiers is transferred to the next set. The reason for this is so that even those who can only donate a very small amount can eventually get to a higher tier which gives more rewards.


How do I know when a set will change?

We have made a promise to announce the change of a set at least 1 month in advance, and we do not intend to change sets twice in the same year. As an example, the current set has been active since July 2016, meaning it's going on its 20th month at the time of writing.

We can already reveal you can expect a change of sets in the first half of 2018!

The announcement will be made on the forum, on the donate page, on our discord, and mentioned by commanders at our events.

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17 minutes ago, Minithra said:

Will the shiny badges on... everywhere change when we switch sets? I can see it becoming rather crowded, on TS especially

One of the main causes for the crowding is that the first 3 sets basically came out within 6 months of each other, meaning we suddenly had a lot of tags. Now we're aiming for a cadence of about 12-24 months per set, so it should get crowded more slowly ^^

If we receive complaints about TS looking crowded, we might go with a maximum number of badges displayed per person (like our rule of maximum 3 community guilds displayed per person, which exists for this exact reason). This is something we have been looking into and could potentially even create a bot that is permanently available for members to poke to switch their badges, so members can switch between their displayed badges without needing to contact a Community Manager.


As a side note, new forum badges for charity causes will also be changing to the same system we use for Golden Cookies (old badges will remain as is), so that should take up less room on the forums :D.

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