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The Donation Reward System Update

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Hey folks!

I wanted to talk a little bit about our (new) donation system to cover the basics!

So, before going into our current set, let's talk a little bit about how we got here. Previously, we had two three-month fundraisers for the community, one started on Indiegogo to kickstart our community and one done on our paypal. During the fundraisers, we gave out specific badges for large donations, and in between them, we didn't really have anything. The problem with that is that people can only donate & get rewards during certain times, and we also had some people asking us to prolong the fundraiser as they wanted a specific badge but couldn't afford the donation at the time.

We wanted to switch to something constant that allows people to donate any amount at their own pace, which also enables them to compound smaller donations over time. This allows us to not only reward people who put forward large donations, but also long-term loyal contributors. Because every Euro counts, this also means no donation goes unrewarded.



So how does it work?

For the time being, our donations still go through paypal, not through our forums. When making a donation, you are asked to provide your forum username, and that is the identifier we use to keep track of your donation. All your donations add up towards unlocking the next tier of supporter rewards. When your donation is made, you'll receive a private message on the forums informing you of your progress towards the next supporter tier, as well as any rewards that you might have unlocked.


Do any of my donations made prior to this count towards my reward progress?

Any donations that were used to unlock unique badges (Champion, Legendary, Valiant and Heroic Supporter) will not carry through, as they have already been "used up" to unlock those badges. But anything below or above those exact amounts will carry through. Here are three examples:

  • A) During the Indiegogo campaign, Christine donated 75€. The Champion Supporter badge was awarded for 50€, so her current progress in this set is 25€.
  • B) During the Spring campaign, James donated 20€, granting him the Shiny Supporter badge. Since the Shiny Supporter badge is not unique and is still a part of this set, James' progress is 20€.
  • C) Janice donated 7€ during the Indiegogo Campaign and 8€ during the Spring Campaign. Originally, this would've not given her any badges, but under the new system, she is now at 15€ progress, which awards her the Shiny Supporter rank.

Everyone who has had their donations carried over to the new system have been messaged on the forums. If you believe yours should have carried through, but didn't, let us know!


I made my donation before registering on the forums, can it still count towards the progress?

Yes. All donations have been recorded and those which are not attributed to a forum name are still associated with an email address, which can be used to verify your identity. Message @Lelling on the forums, we'll work together to have your progress counted quickly and help you claim your rewards.


What are the new supporter ranks?

Here is the list of the current supporter ranks. To see full information regarding the rewards unlocked each tier, check out our donation page.

  • Supporter-Cropped.png- any donation
  • Shiny-Supporter-Update.png - 15€
  • Lucent-Supporter-2.png - 30€
  • Radiant-Supporter-Final-Glow.gif- 70€


How soon are these badges going to change?

The pace of the 3-month fundraisers was intended as a flash/emergency/fundraising campaign to properly kickstart our community. Now that we are up and running, this is not required, so the current set will stay for much longer, so there is no rush. When the set change will occur it will be announced well in advance, but for the foreseeable future there are no plans to change it just yet.


Will you be doing charity / non-profit fundraisers in the future?

Yes! We will continue to do our best to highlight and raise money for different causes. Any donations made towards a featured cause will count towards reward progress just as if the donation was sent to us. Keep an eye out for featured causes in the near future!


When Minecraft launches, will there be a supporter rank for it?

We are planning to implement shinies for supporters in Minecraft (or any other game that might be in our future, for that matter), and any such rewards will be retroactively applied to all supporters of the same tier!



If you have any questions regarding donations, supporter badges, or anything else, simply reply to this thread or message one of the admins on the forums!

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