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Pink Day Season, Living World Update, TT Marathon, Quaggans and Website Updates - Oh my!

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Hey everyone!

Boy, there sure is a lot happening in the next few weeks - let's break down what's coming up and the things we can look forward to in September & October ūüéČ

The majority of our events will be happening in Guild Wars 2, but there might be some fun stuff happening in Minecraft as well! Let's get right to it and see all the funky stuff that will be happening!


Living World Update | September 18

That's right, A Star to Guide Us, Episode 4 of Living World Season 4 is coming, and brand new content brings a whole lot of possibilities! There are so many new things, but far be it from us to spoil the news - check out the official trailer and the official announcement on the GW2 website!

As always, we will be taking a break from regular events for a bit when the update hits. This time, there will be a two-day break from regularly scheduled events, so that everyone can focus on that new story update and savor the new content! However, don't wait too long - we've got a special event coming up already on the 20th! Read below for more!


Pink Day Season

Every October we dress up in pink to support one of the longest traditions in Guild Wars, which has now spread far beyond the world of Tyria - Pink Day in LA - the annual fundraiser to benefit cancer research! Just like every year, there'll be a ton of events, prizes, giveaways, and lots of fun to be had all around the community!

The Pink Day in LA event will be happening on October 20th, and OpenCommunity will once again be one of the official hosts for the event! More details about the event will be posted as the event draws nearer!

This year, we've got a whole bunch of special events coming up from all of our teams, so no matter what flavor of play is your favorite, there'll be something to do in the weeks leading up to Pink Day in LA!


Quaggans vs. Triple Trouble | September 20

Quaggans have stood on the sidelines of the battle for way too long, and wish to join the fight against the enemies of Tyria! Join our quaggan-manders on the normally regular Triple Trouble at 21:30 CEST for an unforgettable battle against the Three-Headed Jungle Wurm!

Don your pink quaggan tonic and join the fray, all the while supporting Pink Day in LA! And don't worry if you forget your quaggan tonic in your other armor - our commanders will be equipped with all the Pink Quaggan Tonics you could ever wish for! Quaggans, to arms!


24 Hours of TT | September 22 & 23

Once the quaggans have shown the Evolved Jungle Wurm who's boss, our TT Team wants to make sure its three heads have been beaten back into the ground for good! In support of Pink Day in LA, our team will be undertaking the ultimate TT marathon challenge - 24 hours of TT!

Starting on the regularly scheduled Triple Trouble at 21:30 CEST on Saturday the 22nd, our commanders will be going for all additional 5 Triple Trouble events happening between then and the regular TT on Sunday the 23rd. That's seven wurms, twenty one wurm heads in total!

But don't worry, it's not all husks and egg spits, there'll be plenty of time in between events when our commanders will be organising special events such as Hide & Seek, Quaggan Hunt, and all sorts of other shenanigans! Come join us on this charity marathon and let's raise the roof - and some prizes - for Pink Day in LA!


Expedition to Jahai Bluffs | September 29

As is tradition whenever a new map is added to Guild Wars 2, we'll be organising an expedition event to the newly added map! What does this mean? Well, an expedition is an event where we go around the map, doing events, seeing the sights, and taking in all the new content in a relaxed fashion. It's not a 100% exploration run, but we will be visiting all the waypoints, showing some cool locations & achievements, doing some group events, seeing if there are any activities that we can do as a regular event later on, and just having a good time!

Join us on Saturday the 29th, at 18:00 CEST as we delve into the Jahai Bluffs!


October Activities

There's certainly a lot happening in September, but don't worry, we've not used all our best material on one month! There'll be plenty of activities coming up in October as well!

Our raid team doesn't want to be left out, so they're also preparing something special for Pink Day in LA! There'll also be some fun activities on our Minecraft server, so keep your pixellated eyes peeled for that! And what fate has befallen the Quaggans who so bravely fought against the Evolved Jungle Wurm? I have a feeling we haven't seen the last of them.

Stay tuned for more events, as we'll be rolling out further announcements as we draw closer to Pink Day in LA!


Website Updates

While we're keeping ourselves busy in the game, we're also always tinkering away on the website, adding exciting new features and hopefully not breaking anything too significant!¬†ūüĒ߬†ūü핬†

In the next few weeks, we'll be rolling out some pretty major updates, including a brand new look & feel for the website, and Discord integration that will allow members to opt into specific event notifications, as well as join the server without having to wait for manual validation! We're also working on an update for our Raid Schedule functionality, a brand new home page, and a way for supporters to track whether their coveted packages of pins, mugs, and other assorted trinkets have been sent, all directly through the website!



In addition to everything listed above, we're also working on a truckload of other community improvements across all our platforms and areas of play, as well as other events and fun activities for our members!

We are really looking forward to everything coming up in the next few weeks, and I hope you are as well! ‚̧ԳŹ¬†

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