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Pink Day Go!

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For the first time in history, Pink Day is coming to Pokemon Go! Thanks to organiser ArdaDeschanel, we're doing a special event in Pokemon Go to support the Pink Day in LA fundraiser! Check out all the information below!

The event!

Hi trainers, it's time to put your cutest shoes and go for a walk for a good cause! On October 28th, we invite you to walk proudly with a pink buddy and be part of the longest charity walk possible!

Here is how it works:

  • On October 28th, put a pink pokemon as buddy (with 0km walked yet).
  • Walk and play Pokemon Go.
  • At the end of the day, post a screenshot of your buddy with the total kilometers walked.

You can post your screen on twitter or tumblr with the hashtag #PinkDayGO. On twitter, make sure to tweet at @GamerGivingBack



If you want to support the fundraiser, you can go to the official fundraiser page.

By donating, you can also win some extra prizes! Check out the instructions here! (When sending in the mail, add a note that you donated from PinkDayGO to let the prize master know to not assign you any in-game rewards from Guild Wars 2, where this event is also organised.)

Thanks to everyone, and have fun playing PoGo!


You can also see this information on the official Pink Day website.

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