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PvE Condi Reaper (Updated 10/2016)

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This is the PvE Condition damage spec for Necromancers and requires the Reaper specialization. This build is valid also in the current Raid content.



Full Viper's gear (Power/Condition Damage/Precision/Expertise), ascended stat combination name is [Yassith's.. ], except Backpiece

You can craft Exotic Viper's Rings/Accessories/Necklace if you can't get ascended ones.

Rampager's Backpiece (the easiest to obtain, if you can get your hands on Sinister, it's better - Bloodstone Fen / Ember bay or Raids)

Viper's Scepter (main-hand), Viper's Dagger (off-hand)

For offset: is pretty meaningless, you can use anything depending on what you need, for example Warhorn (for CC), Staff (for very minor dps increase with pre-combat mark-casting / for AoE Fear)


Runes / Sigils

Armor: [Superior Rune of the Berserker] x6

Weapons: [Superior Sigil of Malice] & [Superior Sigil of Earth] or [Superior Sigil of Geomancy] (if you use Geomancy, you want to be swapping weapons at least every 20 seconds - Put your scepter & dagger in different sets)


The cheaper alternative Gear setups (not significantly worse in DPS):

If you don't want to craft the Exotic Viper's Accessories and Rings, you can instead go with ascended Sinister rings and accessories (obtained from Living story achievements) -> You'll then need to cap your condition duration with your runes, so you should go with [Superior rune of the Nightmare] x5 & 1x [Black Diamond] 

If you use ascended Sinister's accessories and rings, you can use [Superior Sigil of Earth] and [Superior Sigil of Bursting] / [Superior Sigil of Geomancy]. If you want to use these, you should go with [Superior Rune of the Nightmare] x4 & [Superior Rune of the Trapper] x2. (The budget-est version.)


Traits two options:

1. Death Magic - If you kill something at least once in 30 seconds


1st line: Curses: Chilling Darkness, Master of Corruption, Lingering Curse

2nd line: Death Magic: Flesh of the Master, Necromantic Corruption, Death Nova

3rd line: Reaper : Chilling Nova, Decimate Defenses, Deathly Chill

This trait setup is better in a situations where you kill a lot of enemies (an enemy ~once every 10-30 seconds). For example on Sabetha, since she spawns a lot of adds -> you will spawn a lot of Jagged Horrors with Death Nova -trait. This might be also better in open world content, where you tend to kill a lot of enemies (event spawns for example).


2. Blood Magic - Fights where you don't kill things frequently (for example Veil Guardian)


1st line: Curses: Chilling Darkness, Master of Corruption, Lingering Curse

2nd line: Blood Magic: Quickening Thirst, Vampiric Presence, Transfusion

( Ritual of Life as first trait if you need to resurrect people )

3rd line: Reaper : Chilling Nova, Decimate Defenses, Deathly Chill


Utility Skills



Healing Skill (6): Signet of Vampirism or Blood Fiend. Situationally: Consume Conditions

Open Utility Skills (7,8,9): Epidemic, Corrosive Poison Cloud, Blood is Power. Situationally (if you don't need Epidemic): Corrupt Boon (more conditions), "Suffer!" (Condition transfer), "Rise!" (Damage reduction), Plague signet (Condition transfer)

Elite Skill: Lich Form. Situationally: Flesh Golem (for single target CC), "Chilled to the Bone!" (for AoE CC)


Food & Consumables

Rare Veggie Pizza or Koi Cake (+70 Condition damage, +20 % Condition duration), Super Veggie Pizza (budget food)

Toxic Focusing Crystal (+100 Condition damage, +10 % Condition duration)

On condition builds consumables give you significant amount of Condition Duration, making them very important. (You can check Sithicus' Condition Warrior build for more info on consumables.)



  • Start with Lich Form (elite) > Use Mark of Horror (4, spawning 5 Jagged Horrors) > Exit Lich Form
  • Blood is Power (utility) > Deathly Swarm (4) -- Use this combo when both of them are off cooldown, never use them separately! 
  • Enter Reaper's Shroud (F1) > Use Executioner's Scythe (5, an ice field) > Soul Spiral (4, combo finisher: whirl) on the ice field > Exit Reaper's Shroud (F1) -- When you spin in the ice field, you shoot out chilling projectiles that leave a long chill. If you Death's charge to leap through the ice field, you will gain Frost Armor (you take 10% less damage and anything that hits you gets chilled) and the Death's Charge (Reaper's shroud 2) blinds and because you have Chilling Blindness from traits, blinding also chills.
  • Use Grasping Dead (2), Feast of Corruption (3), Enfeebling Blood (5), Corrosive Poison Cloud (utility) on cooldown -- You want to use Feast of corruption (3) when the enemy has a lot of conditions on them.
  • Use Epidemic (utility) when you have as many conditions on your target as possible, and have multiple enemies nearby (maximum of 5) -- Due to the fact that conditions transferred by Epidemic are scaled by your Condition Damage, it is the underlined strength of this build.
  • When everything is on cooldown, your Scepter's auto-attack is good for inflicting long conditions (bleed and poison).


In this build there's no actual "skill rotation", but it is based on Skill priority of the combo's mentioned above:

Lich Form >  Blood is Power + Deadly Swarm -combo > Reaper's Shroud -combo > Rest of your cooldowns > Auto-attack



Hope this was useful for you! And thanks to Akke.8502 for providing pictures and information! :) You can also contact him in-game for any questions about this spec.

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Awesome. I'd just like to throw in that Epidemic's strength rises exponentially when you have a second Condi Necro in your party - one of you uses Epidemic on the main target, then the second one uses Epidemic on one of the enemies that got affected by Epidemic -> Conditions go back to the main boss! Amazing combo. You can even have three or more Condi Necros do this for absolute ridiculousness!

On Sabetha you don't even have to do that, mind, since you can just bounce conditions from whatever Champion you're currently fighting over to Sabetha herself.

If there's anything I'd like to question, it's how good Berserker runes are. They provide a lot of Power as well as a +5% damage boost, but these stats aren't that useful as honestly the Power-type damage this build does is quite pitiful from what I can gather... I feel like there has to be a better alternative, but I still like the Viper setup as you waste less Precision (since you're probably going to overcap on Precision even with Viper's due to the crazy amount of crit chance you get from traits).

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8 hours ago, Nag said:

They provide a lot of Power as well as a +5% damage boost, but these stats aren't that useful as honestly the Power-type damage this build does is quite pitiful from what I can gather..

They provide indeed that 5% overall damage boost, but in addition to that, also a 5% condition damage boost that other rune sets don't provide. Also skills you do during Reaper's shroud on the rotation actually scale quite nicely from power, so it's not at all wasted. :) To summarize, the 5% damage boost is just a cherry on the top.

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Another thing I'd like to suggest is that if you're using Warhorn as your second offhand, you can use Sigil of Geomancy on it instead of Earth/Bursting; Geomancy is very strong if you're constantly swapping weapon sets and are close enough to get the effect off. You can then also use Geomancy on your offhand Dagger, and just weaponswap whenever it's available. Only issue with that is that you may have to "save" the weaponswap if you're going to need to do CC soon.

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So I've been nerding it out some more, and I'm getting more and more confused about the gearing suggestions people keep quoting.

The common consensus is that the "best" is Full Viper's (including Exotic trinkets), Sigil of Malice and Runes of the Berserker. I actually went ahead and checked the stats on the "upgraded" version of this build, where you use Ascended Viper's trinkets from the raid, and got the following (although for ease of comparison, I used Sigil of Geomancy over Sigil of Bursting):

"Full Viper + Berserker Runes" variant.

I compared it to the so-called "budget version" where you use Sinister trinkets, 4x Rune of the Nightmare and 2x Rune of the Trapper, and got the following:

"Budget" version.

Breakdown (Precision is ignored because you're overcapping on crit chance like a god due to your two crit chance traits):

"Full Viper" version:

2261 Power

1967 Condition Damage

100% on Bleed and Chill, 80.4% on Torment and Poison

+5% direct damage


If you were to add in Sigil of Bursting, you'd have 2079 Condition Damage but lose out on Sigil of Geomancy, which is very strong.


"Budget" version:

2083 Power

2001 Condition Damage

100% on Bleed and Chill, 81.4% on Torment and Poison


Considering that Necromancers have rather pathetic Power coefficients for most of their attacks - and your minions don't scale off of your Power at all, only your Condition Damage! - these two builds seem so close as to have almost no difference. And remember, the "Full Viper" version is almost impossible to get, as it requires Ascended trinkets that only drop from the raid.


For reference, the "normal" version of the Full Viper setup, with exotic trinkets (now with actual stats!).


Breakdown of the "Full Viper (Exotic trinkets)" version:

2227 Power

1929 Condition Damage

99.3% on Bleed and Chill, 79.3% on Torment and Poison

+5% direct damage


With Bursting instead of Geomancy you hit 2039 Condition Damage, but again the loss of Geomancy is significant.


The loss of Condition Damage (about 4% loss) does not strike me as worth the slightly reduced direct damage.


tl;dr: Unless the build calculator is lying to me (again), the so-called "budget build" seems about as good as one of the hardest builds to make in the entire game, and may possibly be superior. Hm.

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