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  1. In some ways I was in an unclimbable pit. But had I condemned myself by creating its walls from thoughts too brittle to carry my weight? (c) My heart was tamed to fit in a heart-shaped box. Whether it was mercy or a crime, it was done without anyone asking me. (c)
  2. I suppose what I'd want to see most as a mod (if nothing else), would be some kind of a storage mod that either adds bigger chests or barrels or both. A minimap is also very nice (and something I've noticed I severely miss now that I don't have it). When it comes to bigger mods, I guess something that makes the biomes more versatile (Natura comes in mind), and maybe some tech/magic/crafting mod. For me personally things that just add more aesthetics to the game are nice too, more things to decorate and more options on how (and what of) build your base. ^^
  3. Susimusta

    MS Toga Party!


    I can never know it for sure, but I think MS is what took my grandma several years ago. Her health declined so fast that it was never diagnosed, not that it would have really mattered if it did anyway.. I wish strength for anyone fighting this still vague disease, to their friends and loved ones and for the ones who have already lost some of theirs. Giving a small donation, or showing your support in another way might not feel like much, but together we are stronger than any of us alone would ever be.. <3
  4. "How are you?"
    What I say: "Good good."
    What I mean: "Happy, scared, empty, full of hope and uncertainty at the same time.. Not good or bad, both, and neither."

  5. Hula-hoop or a skipping rope?
  6. Weirdest thing you ever licked?
  7. Do you like your food spicy?
  8. What is your favorite color?
  9. Truth or dare? (which one would you pick if you were asked)
  11. Your favourite 1st gen Pokémon?
  12. What is the song you're a bit ashamed to admit that you like listening to currently?


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