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Excerpt from a recent performance (Music)

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https://clyp.it/yerhxxef/ <--- LINK

As requested by Jaina, this was a (video to audio) recording of the result of a bandcamp I went to last week. About 6 hours of practice in total, guided by Belgian drummer Teun Verbruggen (THE man when it comes to improvised music, at least for drummers here.) I play drums on here, but any feedback is welcome, it's a band after all. Stayed with sticks during the full performance since brushes broke during practice (read as: made too much unpleasant scratching sounds), so I apologize in advance for the bridge part of the first song's scat solo. Be warned, it's jazz.


  • Full House - Wes Montgomery
  • Aung San Suu Kyu - Wayne Shorter
  • Sly - Herbie Hancock
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You guys are really cool :D Makes me wanna try out jazzy stuff again, but I always feel a bit ridiculous when playing jazz...I guess I don't have the jazz genes :D 


Did you meet the band members at the camp or were you a band before?

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