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  1. Sithicus#3349 Wolfie: Confirm'd
  2. Sithicus

    Reveal yourself

    @Koistyfishy I wanna know more about this little friend of yours!
  3. Sithicus

    LEGO - my own creations

    Wow dude these are great! I am a huge fan of lego, I spent thousands of hours building stuff when I was a kid, it's probably a large part of the reason I got into Mechanical Engineering, always had a good mind for being creative
  4. Sithicus

    Mad Scientist extraordinaire

    Nice to see you on the forums ^^
  5. Sithicus

    What are you listening to right now?

    I came across this channel via /r/listentothis, she is immensely talented, recommend checking her other covers too:
  6. Sithicus

    Hey, hello. I'm Aarma.

    Welcome, I have seen you around, and don't worry your English seems very good, and I am sure people will be patient if they don't understand, hope you like it around here
  7. Sithicus

    So... here I am. Confused as always.

    Welcome fellow beard owner!
  8. Sithicus

    Lostdotfish: An Introduction

    Welcome to the OC
  9. Sithicus

    Triple Trouble

    Time: 19:20 UTC, 20:20 CET TeamSpeak: Required The Three-Headed Great Jungle Wurm terrorizes the jungle! But we're ready to terrorize it back! The Vigil Crusaders are ready and waiting for the armies of Tyrian heroes to march into the Wurm's domain and slay the giant creature. The Triple Trouble event is a fast-paced, high-intensity event where three teams must coordinate their efforts to slay the three heads of the Wurm at the same time. Due to the large number of split-second decisions, TeamSpeak is required. No experience with the event is required, all tactics & mechanics are explained beforehand.
  10. Locking this thread because it is historic (March 2016) sorry for any confusion.
  11. Sithicus

    Jill Pendragon's Introduction

    Welcome to the OC
  12. Sithicus

    Reveal yourself

    Why is your head normal size @Epertyufi?
  13. Sithicus

    Tuawnee's shy introduction

    Welcome to OpenCommunity, nice to have you with us
  14. Sithicus

    Not a very formal introduction

    Welcome amigo, seen you around for a little while now
  15. Sithicus

    Reveal yourself

    Looooove that group pic