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    Hello, and Welcome
  2. Thanks for warm welcome, i already joined a guild, and i'm really impressed about the community in GW2. I also was on Triple Trouble with OC few days ago, and it was great. Kepp up the good job
  3. Looks cool Hope thet will not divorce ;P
  4. Hello I'm a quite new GW2 player. I started to play it a few weeks ago, and i have to say that game is awesome, but in difference to other MMO's, community in GW2 is really great. It's very nice to play, and don't get nervous cause of stupid people I've done a few Triple Trouble b4 with OC, and it was very fun, and thing that i admire the most was how good it was organized. I look further for more action's with GW2 Open Community Greetz


We have an open Teamspeak, which can be freely used by guests in need of a practical voice communication solution.

Address: ts.theopencommunity.org

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