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  1. Soooo not sure if I did this before butttttt......HAI I'm foxykits or foxy or Ash if you'd like. I am playing GW2 a bit over a year now and other games as well(Minecraft/Maplestory and a few more previous and now) So yeah I am 28 irl have a full schedule outside the internet but I will always make time for OC and the game and I'm in the Event team(new as of right now tho) so you might be seeing me around commanding a few events. I am not the best at GW2 but please bear with me. I am very bad at Jumping puzzles but always willing to lend a hand to newer or other players somehow. In game I have a few characters so if you would like to hang out or have fun, run dungeon or Tier 1 fractals(lack experience and the AR) I am up for it so long as I have the time to play. *heads up* I do have felines that like to bug me at bad moments so yeah. Not my fault.
  2. problem I see with no world border(as awesome as the idea is, endless exploring and all) at all is that if someone builds something that stresses the server that causes lag or just takes forever to load chunks and chunks away then just getting there and it could cause issues I dont have the best pc or internet and even my best days I lag horribly and often get rubber banded back into clumps of mobs that i can barely escape with half a heart even with good gear. Also,with the fixes I do notice an improvement in the way I feel disruption in play less. Most of it is client lag but I'd get really sad if I were unable to play at all due to some unforseen issue or whatnot that could come up and I often do not exceed alot of animals really out of conciseness thinking of causing issues for anyone else in probability. It's a good idea it just needs to be thought out a bit.
  3. Ashline/Foxy[ThornLove]Senryu#4951 but I switched my server nickname to Ashline/foxykits Sai: confirmed


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