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    Pink Day in LA!

  3. So, Lorelai/Villemo, Lorelai#7326 on discord Lelling: Confirmed
  4. Lorelai

    Just winging it

    Yeah my red-haired norn is kind of hard to miss, isn't she? I love being a part of the events and listening to you guys
  5. Lorelai

    Just winging it

    Thank you, I will do my best not to stub my toe on the thresholds and I will ask if I get lost somewhere
  6. Lorelai

    Just winging it

    I have played gw2 for less than a year, but I am in love. Still learning, currently trying to get the hang of different builds. I am extremly humbled with being accepted as member to DV/KIT/PVE. You guys make the game so much fun! I am new to oc, and still figuring it out, kinda stumbling around with just a candle in a dark room. But I am a fast learner so I think I will get the hang soon. Anyhing else you want/need to know? Just ask, I won't bite.