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  1. Shivaana


    Owww. That's great!!! 'A Picture speaks thousand words' yay! .Wecome to the community
  2. Uh! Hi Mjir , I think we have met ig ,it's Nihryia. I had to think twice before replying because... i was tooo scared!!! lol I respect the dead ones I'm a witch ,but not a creepy one ,i'm more like a disguised fairy/pixie with a black cat. so...welcome to the forums and a big ***BOOOOOOOOOOH!***
  3. Hello Analaya!!! . I'm Glad to meet you here. I'm another mature woman that will never let her imagination to die . Now ,with my daughter is even better because we playing videogames together and i'm introducing her in to the fantasy and sci-fi universe. Sometimes she just sits on my side watching me playing. I've got a wiiiiide background playing rpg ,mmo and oldschool rp. I'm always willing to have a chat or making company and i think we are of the same kind ,so feel free to find me in game and adding me to your contact list. If you don't want to 'waste your time' chatting we can just play together =) Regards: Shivaana ign: Nihryia
  4. Baked uh Can i eat this? Seriously ,they are great!!! . You're talented Mia
  5. My oven is warming up Cookies,donuts and cakes Ready
  6. Welcome orly =) Glad to have you here! . I hope to see you soon ig
  7. Th Oh,Thanks a lot sweetie! . I have to test a lot myself yet ,im quite new. It took me few days to decide my starting profession =) looking for the best for my playingstyle. I'll have a look for sure. hugs!
  8. Thanks for your replies! Water staff Elementalist + arcane + Glyph specialist (Air) .I don't know if it's the best ,but i'm getting a lot of fun with it regardless it sucks for killing mobs .Anyway...I try to ovoid being alone out there =). Oh yeah,that's the way Thanks for the tip about the druid. i'll have a look and glad to see we are on the same wave. Regards!
  9. Hello there!!! I'm Sabrina ,and I'm an Old school rpg/mmo gamer . Old school ,uh? ,Just OLD hah ,like every witch. One thing is for sure ,i'm experienced I'm playing the classic healer class on every game and that's the way i enjoy playing ,Helping others,full support and ,wait..yes..weak attacks. There is no Full Healer class in gw2 but my talents are fully focused on healing and giving support. My playing style is not for solo missions ,so i'm always wandering around looking for someone to help or any fighting crowd where i'm able to give my support. What i'm looking for? Well.. a wide friendlist ,full of people to chat anytime and have fun. If you think you can handle someone like me : Don't hesitate adding me to friends and send me a message Shivaana.6450 Hocus Pocus!!! Now all you are Cursed!!!


We have an open Teamspeak, which can be freely used by guests in need of a practical voice communication solution.

Address: ts.theopencommunity.org

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