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DV - List of Contacts (Officers & Coordinators)

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Below is a full list of all DV Leaders, Officers, and Coordinators with in-game contact information, in case you ever need to get in touch with us. Unless otherwise specified, the person is present in all DV subdivisions.



  • Atreyu | @Atreyu | Atreyu.4920
  • Hopsu | @Hopsu | Hopsu.7392
  • Luna | @Lunar | Lunar Monarch.4829
  • Nan | @Nan | ser tachibana.3892


Q: Who should I contact, depending on my issue?

A: Here's a quick explanation:

  • Coordinators handle guild missions, PvP teams, member invites, and can provide you with information about the guild.
  • Officers deal with all of the above, and are also the recommended go-to people in case of any disputes, arguments, complaints, etc.
  • Leaders handle any situation, in-game, out of game, guild or community-related. Going to us is never the wrong choice! ^^


Q: I want to become a coordinator!

A: Great! We could always use more hands on deck! Check out this thread for more info!


Q: I want to get in touch with a Leader / Officer, but only Coordinators are online.

A: The entire DV team is also in touch with one another through various means outside of game. The Coordinators can poke the Officers / Leaders privately to come and help you =)

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