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  1. Oh no. Well you can't open the file apparently, that's my bad. I'll have to edit and convert them to .jpg or .png before I can upload them. In the meantime you're certainly free to post photos!
  2. So there's a topic where you reveal your face, but let's start to reveal your pets! I want to see your birds, badgers, cats, dogs, hamsters, etc! You can also post pictures of animals you've worked with, so if you've rescued or treated an animal and then set it free, show us ? The first is a crow bibi (young crow, fledgling) i photographed when it was brought to us because someone thought it was injured. (They're NEF files because they're still RAW (photoshop is a pain and doesn't work on my pc)) It was fine and we set it free the same day ? The second is my cat Mabel who got 17 years old. She was old as balls, as we say, and a very good cat. DSC_0145.NEF DSC_0022.NEF DSC_0145.NEF
  3. Lunar


    I really enjoy the composition in these, you did well on getting the feel for where things should be in a photo! The editing is good, though I find the photos to be a bit bright. Have you familiarized yourself with ISO settings? They are life or death when it comes to sunny days ? Editing takes time though and that's why I have yet to post my photos here. They need editing before I can show them off ?
  4. Lunar


    Phtography! Yess! Black and white isn't always my thing, but you did so incredibly well on the composition and lines in the photos that it works out just fine. And by just fine, i mean i really enjoy your photos! Well done! What sort of camera did you use? The amount of noise is reminiscent of the 70's, it gives a feel of that some of the images are from then. The way you use the Golden Grid (golden ratio? I mean the grid help you get when using a digital camera) is magnificent. Every important thing htat draws the attentio nof the eyes is always placed on one of those spots where the lines intersect. My partner has a similar style of photography, where city architecture and lines are the main focus of the image.
  5. Lunar


    Wow! Are we going to be able to use discord emotes here?
  6. Super fun evening! Thank you @Excelionand @Nasurelin!!!
  7. "Commander Brexx Zytt greeting the Shiverpeaks! Ready for a vacation!" "Luckily I didn't have to bookah pool before I arrived!" "The wildlife appears to be... Inhospitable. At best." Monarch, L. (2018). Mauling by Minotaurs in Ascending Scale. Postmodern. Hoelbrak: The Great Lodge Annual Exhibition. "At the afterski event in The Great Lodge, Brexit carefully went over the week he'd had and promptly decided to just stay in the darn lab next time." Bonus reference for Nordics: "ALE! ALE! ALE! AT AFTERSKI!" I'm really, really sorry.
  8. Lunar

    Reveal yourself

    Hello internet! This is me. I frequently dye my hair so if you want to know if it's changed then just ask Vill's idea of putting pictures next to each other was clever so I'm borrowing it. The first picture is from when I went on a tour in the Chocolate factory! Yes, it was pure imagination. We got so much chocolate... The second one is about a month after I got my hair dyed at the hair stylist. It was more intense fresh but it faded nicely!


We have an open Teamspeak, which can be freely used by guests in need of a practical voice communication solution.

Address: ts.theopencommunity.org

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