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Digital paint>actual paint

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No mess, takes half the time, is more fun. Yas.


I did quite a lot of human portraitry, like this one.


And a bit of animal portraitry for fur fun (say that five times quickly) :D


But then Lelling asked me, if I'd make things for champion supporters. And this happened. :D This is the one that turned out the best imo. Looking back  I think I've improved quite a bit through the process of making these, and this is also the kind of thing the next batch of you can expect to get ^^


I still need lotsa practice tho :/


Want to look at more things? -> ilikeshiftingclouds.tumblr.com

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Hmm... Second one on your previous post, Wolfie, looks a bit like Lelling with bewbs (based on my imagination and two photos of Lelling without bewbs).

But, wow, that's quality artwork!

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D: it's not meant to be Lelling with bewbs :D I did a Lelling before tho, for Lelling, which I was like "I'll make background for this and post it when it's finished!" but that was ages ago ':)))))))) So hey, might aswell.



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I hope Wolfie is creating art for the new playable race, the tengu! :o


No new playable races are announced by Anet, I just hope there will be more.


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Added "playable"

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