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DV Goes Raid v2 (On hold tho)

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Any raid dealings orchestrated by me are currently on hold, but I'm leaving this here for archiving purposes. Check the raid subforum for community wide raiding happenings.


Time for take two on a DV take on the GW2 raids, Part 2!

With a bit of time, iteration and some new ideas thrown into the mix, we're hopefully nearing on a smooth and simple system that will get us raiding with minimal hassle. To this end, we're harnessing the power of the shiny new DV Discord server!

Can I join the raid?

There are no major requirements for qualifying to join, but there are three things you should have a good handle on with raids in mind: Your class and its skills, your gear and the fact that it’s not just your time, it’s the time of 9 other people as well.

Having a handle on your class means you can concentrate on what is happening around you instead of having to focus on a skill rotation. It’s better to learn the first encounter with a rotation you know rather than an optimal rotation you looked up on a guide but have no idea how to operate, but in the long run you will need to optimise your build and gear to your class’ maximum potential. Most of the time in the raids you will have one job, and it is paramount you do that one job.

The baseline for gear is exotic equipment with stats fit for your role (berserker for DPS, viper/sinister+condi duration for condi, healing power main for healer) and appropriate runes and sigils. Going forward, upgrading to ascended is already a good idea for some encounters, and essential for others. You should look to upgrade your weapons to ascended first, followed by the trinkets (amulet, rings, accessories, backpiece) and only last look at armour, due to the difference in stats you gain from higher quality being the lowest on armour. Your equipment is secondary to what you are doing and how you are doing it, however. It never hurts to have better gear, but the raids are more a test of player skill.

These baseline requirements for joining may sound daunting, but they are not unreasonable, and due to the nature of the content there isn’t much wiggle room beyond what is listed here. You can always ask me if you are unsure if your equipment and build are alright, and I can help you get it sorted.

As for the last point, time, make sure you can actually make it if you put your name forward for anything. I will keep this one short, and just repeat: It is not only your time, it’s the time of nine other people.

So, where do I sign?

If you're intested in raiding with DV, all you need to do is join the DV Discord and once verified get in touch with any of the leaders or officers to be added to the raid group there.

We will coordinate raids on the discord channel so everyone interested can see the upcoming runs, express their interest and/or RSVP to them.

Static groups

Static groups may form from the freeform organisation, but being part of the raiding initiative does not require you to join a group, nor should being in a static group stop you from joining other runs for whatever reason. Each static group that forms will govern itself, and we do not want to impose any special rules upon them.


Any questions, see me. If there’s something on your mind, better bring it up, because we might be able to do something about it, but only if you voice it.

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Last minute changes to the system, but hopefully it'll be smoother from here on out.

Apologies to anyone who's had to run through unnecessary seeming hoops over this, but the end result is going to be the same and all the info already in the system is good to have anyway.

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Also just a note that Slay's been ultra busy on all the website stuff ^^ Sorry about that folks, but we've been using up 99% of his energy for that :P 

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