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Hi guys,

So I'm Degrarr, though you may have seen my other 80s Illia Leafarrow or Dinn The Explosive in some of the TT runs.

I'm 26 and a Scot living just outside of sunny Glasgow, I do social media for a living (it's not as fun as you'd think).

I'm no good at this introduction malarkey so I'll jump straight to the videogames:

MMO wise I started off with DAoC (Dark Age of Camelot), from there I moved on to Star Wars Galaxies, then WoW for a few years. Had a bit of an on again/off again relationship with EVE online as well. I had a short experience with GW1 but didn't get in to it, I've also played various other MMOs like city of heroes/villains, champions online, DCU, SWTOR and a bunch of others I can't remember.

I've also played too many games to list them all, recently I've done a bit of Dota2, Robocraft, Awesomenauts and GW2 (obviously). A few others I can remember include GTA 5, Rocket League, XCOM 2 and finished off Grim Fandango after it was re-released on Steam. Sometimes I'll play around with Minecraft and Kerbal Space Program. There's loads more but I'd basically be listing a good 80% of my Steam library.

My TV favourites include Rick & Morty & Metalocalypse. Music's a wide variety of stuff from metal & rock to synthwave, though I'm fairly easy with what I can listen to.

Christ this has turned into a bit of a dating profile,I'll wrap up there but if you have any questions then feel free to ask.


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