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  1. Disclaimer: No real cows were harmed in the making of this screenshots!
  2. Well waar kijk je naar, they were pretty cheap in the black market and i got a bigger house so these ones are the old ones that i threw away, nothing more
  3. Yhellow! It's raining quaggans, halleluijah, it's raining quagans, amen!
  4. Yhellow Diaper Dave, i am otretas!
  5. That little tie on the dog cracks me up @GoNikonata Here is the picture of a sweet dog that was abandoned near my cousins house wich he kept him and now he is really happy and is not afraid of people anymore Here we tried to put some glasses wich i think he liked them WARNING! NSFW photo! And here my Zelda brings a little mouse alive to the house, and proceeds to make a bunch of noise by just playing with him RIP litle mouse... And here are some of the other wild cats that you usually see here in the castle This poor little bat was just trying to hide beneath these blinds and i was mean to him And here we have a rare sight of a rare salamander hiding in the courtyard with a really vibrant yhellow color . I have only seen this animal like twice in my lifetime. I wish i could get some photos of a red squirell that comes and say hi here but he is way too fast to stand there so i can take a picture of him I also once saw a roe deer in the woods here but thats near impossible to take a picture of her I apologize again for my weird pictures of abnormal cats
  6. otretas


    I used to draw a lot when i was kid, like moustaches and clothes like hats in my language courses wheres the pic of the cookies kitty?
  7. otretas


    I just noticed, but does ezio have heterocromia? And hello, nice to meet you Suzanne, i am otretas and i like pistachios! (your cats look pretty derp on both pictures :3)
  8. otretas


    Ur scottish You must have all the girls around you if you have a strong scottish accent
  9. Wow props for the effort Willy! Take my like Welcome
  10. Ppl love to post musics This one was showed by one of the nice ppl in this community and i enjoyed it a lot I wish the music was longer....
  11. Dunno about that, but theres certainly a lot of weird monsters around here A few months ago there was a salamandra black and yhellow in our entrance hiding beneath a old carpet
  12. This creature appear at the back of our backyard. Surprisingly it didn't ran away from humans
  13. I agree with grill. Here is one photo that my father took


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Address: ts.theopencommunity.org

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