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This is the place for any and all discussions that don't fit into any of the specific areas. Feel free to join in, participate in discussions, make suggestions, and more!

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  2. Not a video essayist, but one of my favorite new youtube discoveries is the channel Worldbuilding Notes! The creator is amazingly creative and talented, and the videos she makes are super interesting and definitely active those creative brain cells if you ever find yourself in a creative slump
  3. *Dancing in front of the screen after listening to the Song a second time*
  4. A recommendation of a slightly less known Youtuber, Rowan Ellis. I find her videos extremely informative and well researched, 10/10 would recommend!
  5. Holiday update! Over the holidays, there's always a ton of baking in this house, and we always make at least one potica! Also, bonus loaf of bread And this was my next banana bread child! This time, with walnuts! (We started eating all of these on Sunday and I'm afraid to say they're all gone )
  6. Hello yes I bring the anger and the rage
  7. After a conversation with @Doomsday I remembered this amazingly funny Jenny video and I thought I should share it The Crimes of JK Rowling
  8. Thanks for the votes, folks! I'll keep the Introduce Yourself forum in the Community Center club for now, but if anyone has any more ideas and/or suggestions, don't be afraid to let us know!
  9. Hey everyone! Since we're doing a cleanup and rework of the site, I figured it would be a good idea to revisit this forum and see whether we still want to use it, so I put up a lil poll What it's meant to do The purpose of this forum is basically twofold - one is a way for people to introduce themselves, and say something about themselves, their interests, etc. This makes it easier not only to get to know each other, but also for any member who sees the introduction to point the person in the direction of the things they're interested in The other purpose is that it works as a way to encourage people to make their first post - not everyone is super confident with just entering a discussion, and people might feel too shy to post in a thread about something. This forum basically says "Post your first thing here!" and creates an obvious place for people to make their first post, and once they've made the one, they might feel more comfortable posting elsewhere! Do you think it achieves these goals? Do you have any alternative suggestions? Did it help you make your first post? Let's hear it!
  10. So, I watch a LOT of video essays. They're a wholesome and high quality source of entertainment compared to the 3-minute clickbait factory that dominates Youtube, and I just think they're a lot of fun. I often recommended them during events but we could never really follow up or discuss them cause when you're chatting with people in voice, you can't just go "OK brb watching this 50-minute video about the history and current state of the Avatar theme park", but I figured this is a much better way to share something, and then peeps can just watch it on their own time. I figured it could be fun to share a cool / funny / interesting video every week or every two weeks, and then peeps can reply and chat about it or even recommend some similar videos or other videos by the same person and just have a blast doing it
  11. Hello, my name is Benjamin Franklin/Yaanawo, I'm playing gw2 for around 2 years for now. For the most times, you see me somewhere around in the PvE also for some daily fractals. I'm always happy to make a "How to fractal run" if you are new to fractals and would like to try it and learn something all around fractals. If you got any Question for Fractals or need help feel free to add me Yaanawo.7825 Out of gw2, I like anime and music of all kind also I start getting into Programming. Have fun everyone! Hope to see ya at the next Tripple Trouble Event or somewhere around.
  12. After some cooking-based discussions, we decided to make a thread where we can share our various bakes & recipes with each other, as well as discuss different food-related ideas. We come from such different cultures & backgrounds and we had a lot of people interested in each other's foods - so feel free to share recipes, pics, etc. here
  13. You can bite me if you want. I'm healthy and tasty. I mean...! Hi. EDIT: I swear this made sense with my at the time nickname
  14. Everyone listens to music - so why not share it with others? Whenever you're listening to something or just wanna share a song with everyone else - plop it down here (if copy-paste a Youtube link, the forums will automatically make it magical) I've been listening to game soundtracks all day because I was working, but now I'm taking a break, dancing the stress out to (Amanda Palmer - Leeds United [Lounge Version])


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