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  1. Herathien

    What are you listening to right now?

    just wanted to share this with you guys, easily one of my favorite tavern songs from dragon age inquisition :3
  2. Herathien

    The story begins...

    He tried to explain it all to himself while he brewed another potion.
  3. Herathien

    What are you listening to right now?

    oooh havent that song been played on radio? well it sounds nice though. and hello
  4. Herathien

    What are you listening to right now?

    one of my favourite swedish bands :3
  5. Herathien

    The story begins...

    When he opened the door there was no one there
  6. Herathien

    Reveal yourself

    well..... good point actually and it started after i joined DV i think Vikings is cool so can't deny that i look like one then :3
  7. Herathien

    Reveal yourself

    well my turn i guess to do the selfie stuff, a little tired though^^
  8. Herathien

    DV Public Discord!

    Just fixed the discord stuff Discord: Raised_fist06#6460 Ingame: raisedfist.5902 Sabina: confirmed
  9. Herathien

    Fun™ Commander Q&A!

    if you had to wake up with someone of this too after a late night out ^^ who would it be, yoda or jar-jar binks? and yes that includes all happening under the night haha
  10. Herathien

    Fun™ Commander Q&A!

    If u had to be one of the races in gw 2 irl. what would it be and why? remember that you would live like them then don´t be boring and choose human plz