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    Raid Introduction: Vale Guardian

    Porkinazor.9460 / Condi damage Engineer
  2. Porkinazor

    OpenCommunity Discord verification thread! [On Hold]

    Porkinazor#8454 Lelling: confirmed
  3. Steam - Porkinazor 3ds friend code - 0748 6311 3824 The only game I play multiplayer on the 3ds is monster hunter (4u and Generations)
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    Heyo people I'm Porkinazor, most people who have been doing Triple Trouble daily with this community have probably seen me at some point or another. Triple Trouble is the only thing I've done so far in this community. I've only played this game for 3 months now, and I'm addicted. I play videogames most of my free time because I have nothing better to do. I play as an engineer, engis are fun but underplayed. Hi