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  1. WILD CARD | Volume One | Espers of Eden Premise New Eden is the largest and most prosperous city in the world today. The city owes its rank to those who inhabit and watch over it – Espers; those with supernatural abilities. Once an Esper comes of age they will typically join one of the Four Houses of New Eden; Diamonds, Spades, Clubs, or Hearts. These four groups form the governing body of the city, each led by their very own King. Together, the Houses keep the city running smoothly and keep it safe from that which would cause it harm. Speaking, of course, of the monstrous beasts known as Chaotics which roam the land. Creatures seemingly forever intertwined with the age of Espers. With all of that said, our story in particular focuses on one very special Esper. A former King, fallen from grace, wanted for the crime of his very existence. For four years he has remained hidden from the Houses and their watchful eye, but now the cogs of fate have begun to turn in a most unfavorable way. The story that unfolds will reveal the truths of the past and lead all of New Eden towards a climatic future of either continued prosperity or immediate destruction. The story of Wild Card has begun. —————————————————————————————————————————————————————— Wild Card is a web novel series that many people here in the community have heard me go on and on about since all the way back in January of 2016. It's a passion project I have worked off and on with for just about three years and I can finally say with certainty that after all that time the first step has been taken. Volume One, Espers of Eden, has released with all 16 chapters. All of which will continue to be slightly revised and edit to improve them from a writing perspective while the story stays the same. In addition, going forward all future Chapters of Wild Card will be released one-by-one as they are initially completed (meaning revision and edits will come later in a 'definitive' version) and as the chapters are completed they will be eventually be compiled into the volumes. This means that all chapters that would be volume two will be listed under volumes two and so on. While the wait for Volume One took a very long time, the future chapters and thus volumes will be released far quicker and over a regular basis (beginning at the end of January 2017/beginning of February) which means this first hurdle was the largest. The future of Wild Card is bright and I'm hoping that you all share in this journey with me! To read Wild Card, check out these links to the official website where it is hosted. There will also be a downloadable PDF version of the entire Volume One releasing within the next week or two for those who like to read their books on the go or simply on their own personal device. ANNOUNCEMENT POST OF WILD CARD | VOLUME ONE | ESPERS OF EDEN RELEASE (Includes links to read) WHAT IS WILD CARD? WILD CARD CHARACTERS WILD CARD TERMS WILD CARD PREMISE
  2. I absolutely -love- Steins;Gate. Form start to finish it's one of the best series I've ever witnessed, OVA included, and the dub is actually one of the best dubs I've ever seen. I even prefer the dub to it, which is rare to find. Probably because I watched the dub moreso than the sub during my first run. It is a fantastic series, though, and would be a top-5 for me if not for a few other contenders that came before it. Also, I haven't updated it in over a year, but here's my MAL — http://myanimelist.net/profile/Sourunji. I will work to update it going forward!
  3. no u. ALSO, WELCOME GHOST! The American Invasion has only just begun. Let us deliver wonderful destruction to the EU together. ~~
  4. Sourunji

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    The funny thing is I have no idea where that picture came from, why I took it, how I still have it, etc. Just happened to be on my phone. I mean I clearly took it myself, so it's great I have no idea why it's there. Ohohoho. ~ Of course it is. IT'S SOURUNJI.
  5. Sourunji

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    Moved to the more appropriate chit chat forum. ~ Oh and here's a pic from somewhere.
  6. Updated and yes, added the Steam Group to the main post as well! ~
  7. I didn't even think of it at first, but you could also get a 2DS. No 3D feature (something I never use anyway, really) and no XL version, but plays 3DS games (minus ones only for the NEW 3DS system) just fine. I actually started my 3DS-generation gaming with a 2DS that I bought when Pokemon X/Y came out. Then my collection grew, and early 2015 I bought a NEW 3DS XL in order to,play Xenoblade. 2DS should be super cheap right now, like 100 bucks in some cases, and even cheaper I bet if you go refurbished.
  8. If that was your favorite, I would definitely check out the remakes on 3DS -- Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby. Personally I was a huge fan of Gen 2 / Crystal (in particular) because of the fact you could travel to two regions. Plus, Gen 2 is probably my favorite generation overall, with 1 closely behind or neck and neck. Cyndaquil-line is my favorite line behind Charmander, so, lots of nostalgia love there. But yeah, you should totally get a 3DS and get the remakes. As a Pokemon fan since day one, I would say the remakes really bring out all the potential the Gen 3 games had and makes it shine.
  9. Anime and Manga – two of my favorite things to watch, read, and discuss. What my life would be without the two is hard to imagine, and I'm sure a number of members are the same. SO, with that being said, what are you into? Current series, past series, and those yet to come – if you've got something to discuss or share, feel free. To start any discussion if it's really needed, I have an all-time favorite anime and an all-time favorite manga — the anime being Eureka Seven, the manga being Groove Adventure Rave. I have more, of course, and even a myanimelist profile – but I haven't updated that in a year+ so it's not too accurate, and even then it was lacking. This season I have a lot I want to watch, but I'm only up to date on Erased, Dimension W, and Grimgar (which is far from an SAO or Log Horizon clone). There's a lot of good ones this year and it's looking like an improved year over 2015. Any thoughts on current anime or manga? How horrible Bleach is to stomach each week? How unappreciated Ao No Exorcist is each month? Post it here and get the discussion flowing! ~~
  10. Updated the list. Will continue to play around with the look of it. Was going to use hide boxes and stuff for each letter and prolly will, but for now I'm just doing it the somewhat simple and clunky way. ~ As a note to Staff: Feel free to edit my original post and add names, just keep the formatting up. ~
  11. More Ruby Moon! That's her full name.
  12. Me and my cat, Ruby.
  13. The franchise that for many of us started it all – Pokemon. This topic is pretty self explanatory and should be obvious, but if not then allow me to spell it out for you... BATTLE! .. Or trading, yeah? This is the place where we can discuss Pokemon in full force, from battling to trading, breeding to building secret bases, and everything in-between. As one of the most popular game franchises in the world it's certain that many of us will be a part of the sensation that is Pocket Monsters. So, share your friend codes, share your thoughts, and share your personal Pokemon with the world – right here at The OpenCommunity. My friend code is 1907 9312 4890, with the name Sourunji, even though Nintendo still doesn't use it (unfortunately). Let's come together for whatever the Pokemon world has to offer (and go easy on me!).
  14. So in an effort to really bring us all together in other gaming platforms, what better way than to share our Gamer Tags? Below you will find a Master List of all the various Gamer Tags of members here at OpenCommunity. To contribute your own names simply make a reply listing out your tag across the various platforms you are interested in sharing. For starters, some ideal tags to share could include Steam, Playstation Network (PSN), Friend Codes (Nintendo/3DS/Wii U+), Xbox Gamer Tags, and any others that may come to mind. So, let's get started! — «» «» «» «» «» «» «» «» «» «» «» «» «» «» «» Steam » Sourunji PSN » Sourunji Friend Code » 1907 9312 4890 «» «» «» «» «» «» «» «» «» «» «» «» «» «» «» » OpenCommunity Steam Group! « GAMER TAG MASTER LIST


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