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  1. Hello everyone, it has been looong time since I was around GW2 and OC and I didn't expect to be back here for this reason. First sorry for little clickbaity title. I am in little bit unusual situation thx to global pandemic I have been sent to work from home and considering my usual work is impossible to do that way I was given something else to do. Also time is kinda limited and I need as much information as possible. I know a lot of ppl from completely different areas might be here so I am hoping for every small bit. Especially younger ppl still at or close to university might now this especially considering I have been out of university for some time and I remember using card catalogues... What I need is current list of on-line databases containing scientific journals or articles about about economy, administration and medicine but actually everything else also would be nice, personally I'd like to see some physics, astronomy, chemistry and biology. (actually any form of online or digital download scientific content) I am interested in both free access and subscription based. All thou English would be best if you know other languages might be useful too. Second thing I could use are names of any scientific journals you ever encountered in physical version that subscription for is available world wide. I know this might be little a broad question and some name might be obvious but in case I will miss something just give me names :) I won't bore you with rest of what I need to do, but I will be grateful for any help.
  2. When killing Daimos on introduction is not enough!
  3. I'm not running around taking some screenshot, I'll just wait till they go to bank to pick those items and... take care of them...
  4. Why do you take pictures of those filthy slublings? Quaggans are much cutter and can dance while flying.
  5. And the poor slothi is dead, all because group of players that wanted to practice raiding. And he only wanted to sleep, sad, so sad
  6. Raptor spa day, after asura snack raptor finally have some time to relax and get warm after all running around in the jungle. Although I must complain that fire shaman service leaves much to be desire.


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