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  1. 16.09 update: 1. Commission for guildy 2. Chibi (head only) of my main - I tried a different way of colouring...Still cannot find my own style yet.
  2. Follow raid senpai's suggestion i came to update my work... GW2 related first ------------------------------------------ I'm opening a trial art commission too, please check out ? https://www.deviantart.com/anemoinine/journal/Commission-open-759392178
  3. Finally after 7th tries got this guy!!! And first river event from yesterday ?
  4. Stopped drawing gw2 related stuff for a while, now I have passion again ? Here are my (has tiny rp meaning ish) character portrait and short comic:
  5. First Deimos kill and unplanned first Souless horror kill!!
  6. First kill of vale guardian & gorseval
  7. First Sloth kill (ฅ>ω<*ฅ) Finally got this guy
  8. First Sabetha kill \o/ It was a great fun ?


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