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  1. Dawnkeeper

    First Kill Screenshots

    That was my first kill for this boss as well: And here is the Samarog kill from last weeks training. And Cairn from the introduction one week earlier:
  2. Dawnkeeper

    Vale Guardian

    Dawnkeeper.7682 Power Soulbeast Edit: Soulbeast Power DPS
  3. Dawnkeeper

    Bastion of the Penitent

    Dawnkeeper.7682 Power Soulbeast (While I now have all the druid skills I have never played as one and don't have the gear) Edit: Soulbeast Power DPS, pls
  4. Dawnkeeper

    OpenCommunity Discord verification thread!

    Dawnkeeper#3224 Lelling: Confirmed
  5. Dawnkeeper.7682 power soulbeast first raid ever Edit: Soulbeast Power DPS, pls