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  1. While you have shown in detail what you want the task force to be, I kind of miss the part about OpenCommunity itself. How do you want to realize your vision of this friendly environment?
  2. Dawnkeeper

    OpenCommunity Scheduling & Website Downtime

    It's been two months. Any news?
  3. Dawnkeeper

    OpenCommunity Scheduling & Website Downtime

    Will these changes include the Raid Team? I would have loved to do more with them, but it was kind of hard to get in there. And a static group is not something I can reliably fit into my schedule.
  4. Dawnkeeper

    Pink Day 2018

    Some screenshots from the events. Pre-event "Escort Mission" March Through LA and Water Balloon Fight Devourer Race Quaggan Rituals Party before Fashion Wars
  5. Dawnkeeper

    Open Raid for Pink Day in LA!

    Dawnkeeper.7682 Looking forward to the chaos
  6. Dawnkeeper

    Sabetha The Saboteur

    Dawnkeeper.7682 Power Soulbeast EDIT: Soulbeast DPS please
  7. Dawnkeeper

    Minecraft Ideas & Suggestions thread

    I also am against a borderless world. Without actively looking for people you rarely run into someone. I would instead like to see something to incentivise people to build together as a community. i.e. build the medieval or an underwater hub together.
  8. Dawnkeeper

    Cool places & constructions on the OC server!

    Doing a bit of self-promotion here: Its at -3160, 3900 and easily reachable via nether rail from the medival hub to my jungle home
  9. Dawnkeeper

    First Kill Screenshots

    Yesterdays Sloth introduction was a full success by taking the boss down with the "time is up but we try one last time" attempt.
  10. Dawnkeeper

    Bastion of the Penitent

    Dawnkeeper.7682 Power Soulbeast
  11. Dawnkeeper


    Dawnkeeper.7682 Power Soulbeast
  12. Dawnkeeper

    Spirit Vale

    Dawnkeeper.7682 Power Soulbeast Edit: Soulbeast Power DPS
  13. Dawnkeeper

    Minecraft Ideas & Suggestions thread

    I don't know how many stacks of kelp I have burnt to smelt the stone for my bunny statue. That alone would likely kill the server. But it could be fun
  14. Dawnkeeper

    First Kill Screenshots

    That was my first kill for this boss as well: And here is the Samarog kill from last weeks training. And Cairn from the introduction one week earlier: