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  1. Here's your pair of "fully functional" cannons And heres my little hole in the wall
  2. I cant find where that is...
  3. Yay for gliding and angry chickens ! Here's my favourite place to afk hide:
  4. Okay guys here's a little hint to help you find me:
  5. Nope, sorry, that's not it My hiding place is not in Rata Sum! You should try visiting some other cities though...
  6. Shouldn't have mentioned JP's, that made it way too easy to find Also the air elemental in the background was a nice touch, helped me A LOT! Here's my place That's about as much as I can show
  7. Found you! This was pretty hard but still fun to find, had to look through a dozen of dredge mines (not kidding, I hated dredge before and now I hate them even more). Here's mine :


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