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  1. Floppy Chicken

    What is a true, yet misleading, statement about you?

    Oh no, my stick is leaking juice down the sides and my gooey fingers have sguidged it all over the mouse and keyboard!
  2. Floppy Chicken

    PvE DPS Staff Tempest (Updated 10/2016)

    My apologies for making it confusing at the end.... I didn't mean money expensive... I meant stats expensive! I was suggesting that the tradeoff of giving up so much health, cooldowns and durations isn't worth the 300 deeps that I would gain by going zerker.. Diminishing returns was my intended message. 30% health loss and longer cooldowns for me to get 5% extra DPS is expensive.. I've lost count the number of times a glass cannon zerker pug gets flattened by RNG on [Insert Raid Boss] and then text chat explodes with "wipe!! /gg" while I stare down at their lifeless corpses.. But my favorite is when we kill the VG in under 5 minutes. Everybody cheers! "We so good! Such DPS! is that a record for us?" Well, yeah, if you ignore the last two hours of wipes and four stacks of expensive food and utilites we went through because we needed to hit a perfect run with perfect RNG just to survive, then yes! It's a record for us. Congrats I had nothing better to do with those two hours anyway, I guess.. I've thrown away more than the cost of the zerker build, on multiple occasions while refining my own builds on DPS and condi characters, then testing on the golem and changing stats over and over and over (*cries at such many golds ) and I can give any zerker build a serious run for their DPS money in raids, fractals, dungeons and even the test golem with my current build. I certainly hit hard enough to make it look like I'm a glass cannon zerker build, but without the downside of being a 1-shot RNG glass cannon. And because we know the VG can be killed with 40% of time remaining on the clock if we do it full zerker, then we know there is plenty of room to lose 5% DPS while gaining 30% of stats in glass reduction.. Am I making sense this time? Sorry, it was late last night and I really should have been in bed... properly spaced out this morning when I got up.. uff.. work is killing me with overtime!
  3. Floppy Chicken

    PvE DPS Staff Tempest (Updated 10/2016)

    My build is quite different, and I base that decision on a cost / benefit analysis that I put together on a spreadsheet. If an NPC walked up to me in game and said "hey, I see you getting a fraction under 5K DPS simply pressing 1 on that trash mob. If I could nudge you over 5K by giving you an extra 300 deeps when you press that button, would you be interested?" I would say "yes, what's the cost?" NPC answers - "I want 30% of your health pool, and you'll have 15% longer attunement recharge AND you lose 10% boon duration. Deal? You want some of that?" I would tell that NPC to shove his 300 extra deeps where the sun don't shine.. Too expensive!
  4. http://extrazoom.com/gallery/Floppy.html
  5. Hello Smurfs! We have recently created a new set of rules and guidelines for new members, and we would like to bring it to your attention as well I'm sure we can all agree that an active community is a fun community - that's why we're going to ask everyone who is currently a member to read the "rules and guidelines" post. Of course, you have a choice... If you decide the new rules and guidelines aren't for you, that's OK. We'll wish you well on your journey to other places in Guild Wars. We'll be sad to see anyone leave, but we hope those who depart from the guild will stay in touch either through friends list or OpenCommunity. I'll leave this thread up for 22 days and I'll message every player individually (mail in game). To make this job easier for us, please post here if you accept the new rules and guidelines, and you want to STAY in Band of Smurfs. Thanks everyone Floppy Chicken
  6. Hello potential new Smurfy! Before we can send you an invitation to the guild, we will need you to read and acknowledge acceptance of our guild rules. There's nothing weird in here... It's about the expectations and tolerances that keep the community safe, interesting and fun for everyone When you're done reading, you can validate your acceptance using the voting tool on this thread. Membership Expectations We expect all members to contribute something to the guild. For example, our active members help to maintain a fun, community driven atmosphere by: Participating in guild missions Assisting with guild upgrades Participating in larger OpenCommunity events (see the calendar on this website) Helping others when they know answers to questions (e.g. crafting Legendaries, Raid mechanics etc.) Recruiting new members Repping from time-to-time so they can stay up to date with guild messages (of course anyone can rep us 100% as well, and we encourage that! But it isn't required) Engaging with Band of Smurfs and the OpenCommunity on TeamSpeak & Discord This is not an exhaustive list - our members do a lot of different things to keep the guild fun and engaging for everyone. You can do some, or all of the above. And you can bring your own exciting ideas too! Things we don't want Membership with an active guild isn't the right choice for everyone.. We won't put up with: Inactive members (offline for long periods) Members who never rep / stay up to date with guild messages Members who never attend any missions (OpenCommunity & Band of Smurfs) Members who never speak (saying "hi" is easy in guild chat, ya know!!) Members who never contribute to guild initiatives / upgrades Members who refuse to use the required community tools during organised events (Teamspeak and / or Discord) Members who make disparaging remarks about other members (specifically aimed at Guild chat, but applies to all methods of communication) When you're ready (and if you accept these rules / guidelines) please acknowledge using the vote button. We'll send you an invite as soon as your vote has been confirmed. One final thing that's worth checking out is the OpenCommunity Guidelines. They're separate to the Band of Smurfs guidelines, and you should check them out before you start participating in Open Community events / forum posting etc.. Thanks for reading, and we'll see you in Guild Wars 2! Floppy Chicken
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    Steam Accounts

    My steam account link is here Profile Link Feel free to add me and post your own account links in this thread