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  1. made a few more drawings in the past couple months, mostly just simply head shots because who's got the time and patience for full-body art?? two versions of this one, because i simply couldn't resist putting makeup on one of my genderfluid characters for once. \o/ aight... ONE full-body art... this last piece is a bit special and i'm rly happy with it because i tried a different coloring/shading style that i don't normally use. \o/ and i think it turned out nicely.
  2. Hello ?

    I was just woundering. It says here that you have a POWER CHRONOMANCER (DPS).

    Do you have a good build for it that you would like to share with me?

    Hope you having a nice day.

    Best regards //Jimmy

    1. nathair



      i do indeed have a power dps chrono and i think it's a very fun class to play.  ?  the build i currently run, gear-wise, might be a little bit outdated but it gets the job done

      i have full berserker gear, weapons, and trinkets, with the exception of assassin's headpiece, chest piece, leggings, and boots.  for weapons i run sword/sword+focus, with air/force+force sigils respectively.

      for utilities i use signet of the ether, mantra of pain, phantasmal disenchanter, phantasmal defender, and gravity well.

      for traits, i go with dueling (1/3/1), illusions (1/3/1), and chronomancer (2/3/3).

      if you would like to know more about how it plays, since it's rather complex, i suggest looking at the snowcrows website  (https://snowcrows.com/raids/builds/mesmer/chronomancer/power/)  or you can message me privately on discord  (nathair.#4764)  and i can tell you more there.  ^^

    2. jimmy76


      thanx for replying ro me ?

      I will look at snowcrows and the i will get back to you ?

      Thanx so much

  3. i do art too! and since i've finally gotten back to drawing again after like... a year of struggling with art block, i figured i might aswell some show of the stuff i'm most proud of... and managed to find within the mess that are my folders. don't look at the dates, even if it's like from 2016, i usually only did like 1-2 decent drawings per year, so i usually don't have much to show. fight me. ? this is my kitsune oc! i have a thief based off of him. nnoitra from bleach. v happy with how the bones came out, though it's probably not very well visible here. then some undertale-related stuff! and allow me to finish it off with the one and only gw2 related doodle i ever did. ? this was my old sylvari revenant.
  4. second raid with OC, also my second raid ever, and first successful kills, even if my hand hurt for some reason making it hard for me to use some skills.
  5. I have a lotsa screenshots of random views from random locations~ The last three were taken before the first-person camera was built-in, so they aren't so pretty... anyways, here's the album: http://imgur.com/a/DeipL


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