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  1. jimmy76

    Announcing the OpenCommunity Minecraft server!

    thanx for changing the adress here now it works thanx
  2. jimmy76

    Announcing the OpenCommunity Minecraft server!

    cant join. Starting to think that something is wrong with me
  3. jimmy76

    Teamspeak Tips: #2 - Preserving Your Identity

    sorry it dont work or i might be stupid. i have even coppied everything from my laptop to the other computer but nothing
  4. jimmy76

    Announcing the OpenCommunity Minecraft server!

    Who is in charge of this? i mean who invite ppl, i made an application for Bellabubb.
  5. jimmy76

    Welcome To My New Character... O.O

    wow what nice pictures
  6. jimmy76

    Just winging it

    nice playing with you
  7. jimmy76

    What are you listening to right now?

    This is my "therapy song" i listen to this when i am flying on vaccation as i dont like flying and this calms me down.
  8. jimmy76

    Jahai Bluffs Expedition

    woop woop
  9. jimmy76

    Commander School

    wow, would be nice to listen to you
  10. jimmy76


  11. Hello 🙂

    I was just woundering. It says here that you have a POWER CHRONOMANCER (DPS).

    Do you have a good build for it that you would like to share with me?

    Hope you having a nice day.

    Best regards //Jimmy

    1. nathair



      i do indeed have a power dps chrono and i think it's a very fun class to play.  🙂  the build i currently run, gear-wise, might be a little bit outdated but it gets the job done

      i have full berserker gear, weapons, and trinkets, with the exception of assassin's headpiece, chest piece, leggings, and boots.  for weapons i run sword/sword+focus, with air/force+force sigils respectively.

      for utilities i use signet of the ether, mantra of pain, phantasmal disenchanter, phantasmal defender, and gravity well.

      for traits, i go with dueling (1/3/1), illusions (1/3/1), and chronomancer (2/3/3).

      if you would like to know more about how it plays, since it's rather complex, i suggest looking at the snowcrows website  (https://snowcrows.com/raids/builds/mesmer/chronomancer/power/)  or you can message me privately on discord  (nathair.#4764)  and i can tell you more there.  ^^

    2. jimmy76


      thanx for replying ro me 😃

      I will look at snowcrows and the i will get back to you 😃

      Thanx so much

  12. jimmy76

    Hello all my minions ;)

    haha, i know Sabi, just fun to tease you
  13. jimmy76

    Hello all my minions ;)

    Hello. Jimmy here. I was born 1976 and have played GW2 from the begining and also played GW1 for a while and ofc WoW My son is playing the game sometimes aswell I am jimmy.2960 (Warga Frosthide is my main) please add me if you like Nice to be here. see you all if you need help with anything, just ask and i will try to help you
  14. I joined! My name is Jimmy(Jimmy76#8700)! \o/ Sai: Confirmed