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  1. rune

    "All We Can KILL" Run

    rune.9572 condi slb/mirage or power banner spb (most comfortable on those since it's a kill run) EDIT: Banner Warrior please
  2. rune

    Raid Introduction: Vale Guardian

    rune.9572 Power/condi dps, can also bring banner spb (power). Would prefer power weaver. (Haven't raided for a year+ so I probably forgot half the stuff.) I'd like you to come with power Weaver ~Nasu
  3. rune

    OpenCommunity Discord verification thread!

    Hi, I'm rune#6831 on discord. :3 Sai:confirmed
  4. rune

    Reveal yourself

    I'm bad at selfies. :v
  5. rune

    Toga Party for Multiple Sclerosis


    You Dropped Something + b'Loon fight + Follow Quaggan (x2) + Size Sorted
  6. rune

    Community Week May 6-13 2017 screenshots!

    /cheer for Fashion Wars! /cheer for TT! Foo, Quaggan is reallly sneeky!