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  1. rune

    Cool places & constructions on the OC server!

    There's now an end portal in the +/+ quadrant! Coords are 970 2157
  2. rune

    Minecraft Ideas & Suggestions thread

    After we get to have spigot: MobLimiter plugin (only leaves a configurable number of mobs per type per chunk on unload), and configure passive mob drops to give more per mob so people aren't as encouraged to breed hundreds of them for basic resources. Right now you can feel the difference in tick rate when people who have a lot of animals bred log on/off. (I realize I also have some, it could be avoided if passive mob drops were increased. This isn't aimed at anyone specific, it's just Minecraft performance being derp.) Also regarding server mods: those would require clients to have those mods, too. This includes third-party launchers. Based on my experience with the modding scene (modders destroying worlds when another mod is ran in parallel, putting in code that bans specific players from servers, various malware, lame DRM and other childish stuff), I strongly oppose to 1. requiring people to install launchers that send various data to third parties or 2. run any mods that aren't built at install time from open source code. Also if you're looking for some performance/QoL mods, this repo has some. They're all open source. For starters, all this is just one mod.
  3. rune

    "All We Can Kill" Run

    rune.9572 Any of: condi/power BS, condi slb, condi mirage, power dh, power weaver, power holo, power deadeye DPS please. ~Nasu
  4. I saw this on the wiki: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Fractal_Console Basically it enables some cool effects like low gravity or nova transformation from mistlock sanctuary. It also works with mounts, for example by giving the griffon a (4x?)boost to the flap skill. It costs around 600g to craft from scratch, but I saw we already have some holo dancers so it should be cheaper. I can co-fund the crafting of missing holodancers. Interested?
  5. rune


    rune.9572 spellbreaker power dps DPS: power deadeye or power DH I'd like you to come with a power Dragonhunter ~Nasu
  6. rune


    rune.9572 condi soulbeast
  7. rune


    rune.9572 condi banner berserker / power banner spellbreaker (also non-banner DPS versions) condi soulbeast condi mirage power DH Edit: Any DPS, whatever you prefer
  8. rune

    Tyria Pride 2018! June 23rd & 24th!

    Sorry Rage, couldn't resist ^^ I'm just going to use this post for shameless image hosting to link in teamspeak since imgur converts everything to ugly compressed JPGs :v
  9. rune

    Tyria Pride 2018! June 23rd & 24th!

    New ones from today! /cheer (I like the quaggan in the middle): /dance: /rank:
  10. rune


    Turns out there's invisible water under Mistlock Sanctuary's invisible floor, and you can actually swim in it...
  11. rune

    "All We Can KILL" Run

    rune.9572 condi slb/mirage or power banner spb (most comfortable on those since it's a kill run) EDIT: Banner Warrior please
  12. rune

    Raid Introduction: Vale Guardian

    rune.9572 Power/condi dps, can also bring banner spb (power). Would prefer power weaver. (Haven't raided for a year+ so I probably forgot half the stuff.) I'd like you to come with power Weaver ~Nasu
  13. rune

    OpenCommunity Discord verification thread!

    Hi, I'm rune#6831 on discord. :3 Sai:confirmed