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  1. I believe pretty much all of them are open in season. There may be a fee of like, up to 4 euro if you want to see the interiors or go up the tower. Other than that, the outside is freely accessible.
  2. Here comes the autumn edit. This time it's THEMATIC! ?
  3. Thanks! I'm hoping to get some more as autumn progresses, things are going to look great with all the colorful trees and leaves scattered everywhere ^^
  4. Finally got a decent drone with a nice camera, was totally worth it ? Here's some shots from this summer.
  5. Sorry Rage, couldn't resist ^^ I'm just going to use this post for shameless image hosting to link in teamspeak since imgur converts everything to ugly compressed JPGs :v
  6. New ones from today! /cheer (I like the quaggan in the middle): /dance: /rank:
  7. rune


    Turns out there's invisible water under Mistlock Sanctuary's invisible floor, and you can actually swim in it...
  8. Hi, I'm rune#6831 on discord. :3 Sai:confirmed
  9. rune

    Reveal yourself

    I'm bad at selfies. :v
  10. until

    You Dropped Something + b'Loon fight + Follow Quaggan (x2) + Size Sorted
  11. /cheer for Fashion Wars! /cheer for TT! Foo, Quaggan is reallly sneeky!


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