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  1. I believe pretty much all of them are open in season. There may be a fee of like, up to 4 euro if you want to see the interiors or go up the tower. Other than that, the outside is freely accessible.
  2. Here comes the autumn edit. This time it's THEMATIC!
  3. Hmm, I feel like I should explain some stuffs It runs the check per chunk. This can't be changed, and it means one has to dedicate more space if one wants to have more persistent animals (which kinda makes sense as far as real-life analogy goes). People will often have the maximum allowed number of mobs per chunk because that's the state this mod is trying to enforce. The mod has a command that straight out tells those limits to the player. It's also trivial to test for them due to how the mod works (it doesn't actively prevent animals from breeding). IMO this should be a publicly accessible information so people don't constantly ask where their animals went. Here's how this is set up on mcpublic (IIRC): upon chunk unload, all except X animals of a given type get removed. To offset for this change and make farming viable again, passive mobs grow up in 10 seconds and drop like 3x the amount of resources they normally do. The approach promoted by the admins is to breed the animals, wait a bit, and kill them for drops. People can still have their free range chickens, they just have to have an actual range.
  4. Thanks! I'm hoping to get some more as autumn progresses, things are going to look great with all the colorful trees and leaves scattered everywhere ^^
  5. The functionality of the plugin is easily googled so it's not like people can't go and find out. That said, I can't come up with any viable exploit model related to passive mobs. The only way to grief others would be to put passive mobs underground or in the air, in the same chunk the original pen is. And even this is dubious at best, since AFAIK MobLimiter doesn't prioritize by elevation, so eventually, due to the nature of random distribution, the griefer's mobs will be despawned if the original player keeps breeding theirs. Way too much work when the griefer can just kill the animals and be on their way. To my knowledge, this scenario never happened on mcpublic servers where MobLimiter was used extensively. And it's not like you want to deal with griefers by withholding information and hoping they won't cause as much harm. Just ban them and /lb player griefer followed by /lb rollback
  6. Finally got a decent drone with a nice camera, was totally worth it Here's some shots from this summer.
  7. There's now an end portal in the +/+ quadrant! Coords are 970 2157
  8. After we get to have spigot: MobLimiter plugin (only leaves a configurable number of mobs per type per chunk on unload), and configure passive mob drops to give more per mob so people aren't as encouraged to breed hundreds of them for basic resources. Right now you can feel the difference in tick rate when people who have a lot of animals bred log on/off. (I realize I also have some, it could be avoided if passive mob drops were increased. This isn't aimed at anyone specific, it's just Minecraft performance being derp.) Also regarding server mods: those would require clients to have those mods, too. This includes third-party launchers. Based on my experience with the modding scene (modders destroying worlds when another mod is ran in parallel, putting in code that bans specific players from servers, various malware, lame DRM and other childish stuff), I strongly oppose to 1. requiring people to install launchers that send various data to third parties or 2. run any mods that aren't built at install time from open source code. Also if you're looking for some performance/QoL mods, this repo has some. They're all open source. For starters, all this is just one mod.
  9. Sorry Rage, couldn't resist ^^ I'm just going to use this post for shameless image hosting to link in teamspeak since imgur converts everything to ugly compressed JPGs :v
  10. New ones from today! /cheer (I like the quaggan in the middle): /dance: /rank:
  11. rune


    Turns out there's invisible water under Mistlock Sanctuary's invisible floor, and you can actually swim in it...
  12. Hi, I'm rune#6831 on discord. :3 Sai:confirmed
  13. rune

    Reveal yourself

    I'm bad at selfies. :v
  14. until

    You Dropped Something + b'Loon fight + Follow Quaggan (x2) + Size Sorted


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