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The OC Raid Team is here!

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Lelling    207

We are pleased to announce that the OC Raid Team for GW2 is finally here!

It's taken us a while, and we have had some of our wonderful commanders set up an unofficial raid training program in the meantime, but now we are finally ready to launch this new addition to our GW2 Team! The Raid Team will be scheduling and organizing official OC raids for new raiders and veterans alike, providing help, tips and information to anyone in need of them, and curating the Raider discord where members can find likeminded people to raid with, or discuss raids with their peers!

So let's take a quick look at the overview of the Raid Team and what it has to offer, or if you want to begin exploring the new features yourself, you can go straight to the brand new Raids page!



An OpenCommunity approach to raids

The Raid Team features a team of Raid Leaders & Assistants held up to the OC standard of keeping a positive and inclusive approach to events that doesn't limit players to the meta, amount of LI or unnecessary gearchecks, while providing constructive feedback that helps raiders improve.

Easy Signup

Signing up to raids is easy, and after the initial raider sign up, it's a one step process! Don't waste time shuffling around various Google Docs or doodles - sign up, show up, and raid!



Raider Discord

Use the Raider Discord to stay in touch with announcements, be notified of newly scheduled raids or changes, chat directly with the Raid Team, discuss raid tactics, or find others to set up ad hoc raids with on the fly!


Raider Resources

Our brand new Raid Q&A forum allows members to browse or ask questions and get help from the Raid Team as well as other community members! Get answers to anything related to raids - builds, tactics, recommendations and more, or help other raiders by answering their questions!




Raids will start being scheduled after the Community Week, giving everyone time to sign up as raiders, or join the Raid Team as Raid Leaders or Assistants!

For any questions regarding raids, contact our Raid Team Manager - @Viridian

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Lelling    207

I'd also like to extend a huge thank you to @Tubi and @AmarielSilme for completely self-organizing the previous "unofficial" training raids, which they generously opened to all members of the community and beyond! They really filled in the time that allowed us to develop the Raid Team functionality on the website & set up the foundations while learning from their experiences!

Thanks so much to both of you and everyone else involved in the coordination of the training Raids! :happysylvaritest:

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Lelling    207

We have just added a poll on which raids members are most interested in! Check it out and cast your vote :D

The poll can also be found on the Raids main page!

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