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Raise swords and shields with your fellow Tyrians and charge into battle – or maybe just grab a drink at The Dead End. A place for any GW2 discussion, guides, questions or screenshots.

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  2. Name of Guild: View The Moonlight (VTM) Modes: PvE some WvW Size small Guild Missions Yes Dungeons/Fractals?: Yes Raids?: Yes Mature content?: Yes EU server Description: View The Moonlight (VTM) is an open place where even the newest players are welcome. Our aim to help both new and old players to have fun in the game The guild is considered a +16 group, as yes there will be Mature content, But we do NOT allow bullying as the Guild and the Discord is meant to an open place for everyone to feel welcome. EventsWe currently have 2 events a week: Social Wednesday, here we vote between different events Dungeon's, Fractals, Guild Missions, and Hero Point runs We also have a Help With Achievements vote where you get Prioritised over any other event, as we, first of all, are here to help you! Raids are every Sunday and are always Training Raids so as long as you got a lvl 80 character your welcome to sign up. We don't ask you to represent the guild outside of events All we ask of our members is that they please join us in discord voice chat for guild event. If you want to join a growing guild and help it become an active and fun place feel free to join us, contact me with an in-game mail, don't forget to supply me with your account number ( sabbi.4891 ) sabbi.4891
  3. Hello, in raids there is quite important what role you could play and if you have correct traits and gear and also the order of using your skills (rotation) matters. You can check snowcrows.com webpage to see what builds are actual and which party setup is optimal. So I would start by gearing up 1-2 characters and read some guides of bosses. You can also join the raid training community (link is on the web, depend if you NA/EU). If you have any other questions, let me know
  4. Hello. I've sort of been casually doing a world boss tour in the morning, including a swipe at Tequatl, for the past very long time. And to save time and effort in sorting through my loot from the whole world boss tour I only opened the exotic chest each day. As a result, I ended up with three neat stacks of 250 innocent enough loot boxes. Fast forward past some time of actually opening all four of the boxes each day because I don't want to start another set of those stacks, into the day I am trying to come up with something to do, and decide to see to these boxes finally. And this is where I have made said terrible mistake. In addition to stupid amounts of karma and a good bounty of crafting materials, I am also greeted by this mess: And just to put a point on it, that is around 4700 piles of bloodstone dust and 4700 pieces of unidentified gear. Now, I am no stranger to large amounts of bloodstone dust, and finding a place to store all that is going to be only a minor inconvenience. But I was not prepared for all this unidentified gear. Guess I know what I'm doing for the next few days...
  5. Hey Guys, Does anyone here know how to or want to raid enough to unlock mastery track? Let me know cause im keen.
  6. I am looking a way to join the guild of at least 40 people and destroy EVERYTHING in out path. I am new in this so have no idea how to even get accepted in to one. Any feedback would be helpful. Or just add me in one of your raids. Thanks
  7. Lelling

    Tyria Pride 2019

    This is the place for screenshots from the Tyria Pride 2019 main event as well as all its pre-events.
  8. This is an archive upload of all our screenshots from the Tyria Pride 2018 event!


We have an open Teamspeak, which can be freely used by guests in need of a practical voice communication solution.

Address: ts.theopencommunity.org

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