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  1. Ask Wolfie how well that goes >.> I'm pants at Overwatch, and I spend a lot of time "playing" Minecraft or more recently Endless Legend while semi-paying attention to a stream or podcast. I'm happy to hear stuff is happening and progress is made.
  2. Ah yes, attack the person Shocking, that this sort of news about a place where I spent a few hundred hours and made some good friends prompts a reaction. And then there was silence about what's happening, none of these independent event organizers did anything... How will the part about creating more of a community function if OC is withdrawing from most of its activities? Yet another guild for "real" OC? trimming down one of the main guilds as people with no interest move to other guilds now that it's no longer an active hub? I mean, refining a group of people starts out by removing the undesirables, which you're doing by stopping the event runs, but in the almost two weeks since the announcement, there hasn't been anything about moving forward.
  3. So basically scaling OC down to even less than a guild?
  4. Minithra

    Minecraft Ideas & Suggestions thread

    Yeah, I meant along with having the plugin to keep numbers sane. I asked in the context of Lelling saying no specific info was going to be shared. Prevents people wasting resources breeding and allows for proper planning of farms if they know the number at which they'll start losing animals.
  5. Minithra

    Minecraft Ideas & Suggestions thread

    Why not say "Don't have more than X animals in a pen?" What's wrong with that?
  6. Minithra

    Minecraft Ideas & Suggestions thread

    Why not remove the world border? It shouldn't have any noticeable effect on the server now that it's running spigot, and would allow treasure hunting for most of the items, actually finding mansions (and the special mobs in there) and enjoying the exploration in the game the way it was meant to, rather than relying on manually placed/spawned items
  7. Minithra

    Minecraft Ideas & Suggestions thread

    I asked about this since before launch ^^ A desert and mesa where people can go crazy with harvesting would be helpful. Saddles count as treasures in fishing, you get more than enough with a good pick. The end is technically infinite (not really, but actually getting to the point where it doesn't generate anymore is... impractical), so if the world border gets removed you'll be able to explore and get more shulker shells and elytras. We could use the Hermitpack datapack, making the shulkers drop more shells and have it be a guaranteed drop, as well the make the elytra a dragon drop, so you can just kill the dragon for one if you don't feel like exploring.
  8. Minithra

    Your favorite game no one else has heard of!

    It's abandonware now, you can download it in ISO form if you want. It was the first result for "caveland game" looks interesting!
  9. Minithra

    Supporter Rewards - How Do They Work?

    Will the shiny badges on... everywhere change when we switch sets? I can see it becoming rather crowded, on TS especially
  10. Minithra

    Diablo III! (And OC in D3)

    Started a seasonal Crusader, going through the campaign... I got Diablo very close to release, never made it to Act IV
  11. Minithra

    Diablo III! (And OC in D3)

    Found it and joined
  12. Minithra

    Diablo III! (And OC in D3)

    I FINALLY got Reaper of Souls, and threw in the Necro, because Necro I can't seem to find the communities thing, does it need to be in-game?
  13. Minithra

    Random Screenshots from the OC Server!

    My maps I have no good screenshots of the village, and I barely did any work, just tidied up the paths some. When I have some things built, I'll pillar up and get some nice screens.
  14. That looks quite snazzy indeed! Who are the people on the mug? Edit: Also, Minecraft? Where?!
  15. Minithra

    Reveal yourself

    Holy cow. Zorro has amazing hair!