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  1. Thank you! I have a couple things in the making. I might edit the post after I am done.
  2. Renjín

    Reveal yourself

    I have only few pictures to choose from but I'd like to reveal half of my face and show you my lovely cats! I guess childhood pictures are a thing here too, so there.
  3. This is what the game looks like when I load into maps after a heavy lag phase. Please pity me.
  4. "SAVE ME, Ms. Firefighter! COOOO!" "Just jump into my arms!" Ninja Terrorist.2358 - Lyra Skyller Enyo.2590 - Renjín
  5. Reversed ZOO! Animals watching humans in their not-so-natural habitat. People in the picture: Tawni Eventide (waar kijk je naar.8713) nanosystem.8190 Lilly La Gavulin (Castus vom Rabenfels.8425) Sapphyrelight (sapphyrelight.1893) Ultimate Servant (Quotastic.7620) Porkinazor (Porkinazor.9460) Hellena Sama (NekoSama.8209) Kinderzero (KinderOutlaw.5846) Saga Rask (esctruth.5972) Luxanna The First (Raccoon.8364) paogen.1937 Chalmar Starrybones (Natamonstar.2085) and me, Renjín (Enyo.2590) >>>>> If you were there and don't find your name here, please contact me in game and I'll edit it in. I'll recognize the name if you were actually there. (My phone messed up and your name might have been accidently deleted from my list before I put it here.) <<<<< Big THANKS to everyone who made this possible <3
  6. I think I had better luck with the weather on my vacation than you did.
  7. 1. Well... someone beat me to it but I'll post it anyways. We did some typical Matrix-Quaggan stuff and defied gravity! First me and Solis and suddenly everyone was the One. (I know the screenshot is not exactly pretty but it was right before the race and I didn't know how much time I'd have before everyone runs to starting point XD) 2. Quaggan Hunt No.2 - and again Matrix!
  8. Well, I thought I might aswell share some of my stuff. The pose of Yoda is NOT mine (I wouldn't know how to draw him from memory - it was a birthday present for my star wars-obsessed best friend). I used a picture for reference.


We have an open Teamspeak, which can be freely used by guests in need of a practical voice communication solution.

Address: ts.theopencommunity.org

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