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  1. During the 16th and 17th December the OpenCommunity held a community weekend fulled with all kinds of events... Here are just a few snaps or some tonic things !! SO CUTE I COULD DIE!!
  2. Mad King's Labyrinth


    Ill See you all in the LAB !!!! <3 lets go getem tiger
  3. Hello (i was told not to be shy)

    Thanks =) ILL BE THERE!!
  4. Hello everyone i am glad to have joined this community, i played with members from here during My first TT victory and really enjoyed myself... I play GW2 aswell as MC Gw2 username: CelestialBeing.1249 Characters : Aoj Noreht - Elementalist The Suprise - Ranger Minecraft username: CelestialBeing I really enjoyed the vibe i got from the players here and hope this comunity is the one for me!!! I also like chess and (like many) Love COFFEE! So yea,,, Im new =)