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  1. Say HellooOOOoo to My New Character... i think i did something right this time... or i made her a but to vampire like >.< idk Race: Class: Other: She likes long walks in Bloodtide coast and despises Ornery Crabs! Also she can't help but want to eat fast food although she at least keeps it healthy with the Rare Veggie Pizza's instead of the ordinary classics. Yeah she is a lil blinding...
  2. until

    It was an extreme action packed 24h where we had "mass wormocide" and tons of other great events with the OC - Team from Worm slaying and Bugs** to Quaggan hunting and prize winning. It was all in all an amazing community event for a worthy cause and although we may not of all stuck with it the full time ... those of you who joined for a while here and there i know it means the world to the OC team aswell as Gamers Giving Back. <Ps: I made Sabina Do It.> - Aoj Noreht
  3. Just a few screen shots from the stage>> I ties in third o.o How IDK but it was my first Fashion wars !! so I'm super excited for the future!! thanks OC and HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!
  4. During the 16th and 17th December the OpenCommunity held a community weekend fulled with all kinds of events... Here are just a few snaps or some tonic things !! SO CUTE I COULD DIE!!
  5. until

    Ill See you all in the LAB !!!! <3 lets go getem tiger
  6. Hello everyone i am glad to have joined this community, i played with members from here during My first TT victory and really enjoyed myself... I play GW2 aswell as MC Gw2 username: CelestialBeing.1249 Characters : Aoj Noreht - Elementalist The Suprise - Ranger Minecraft username: CelestialBeing I really enjoyed the vibe i got from the players here and hope this comunity is the one for me!!! I also like chess and (like many) Love COFFEE! So yea,,, Im new =)


We have an open Teamspeak, which can be freely used by guests in need of a practical voice communication solution.

Address: ts.theopencommunity.org

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