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  1. Rage

    Toga Party 2019

    Fashion wars and my kid with MS Toga pin ?
  2. Rage

    MS Toga Party

    Some pics taken at Fashion Wars "Orange Is New Black", and my kid with awesome OC MS Toga pin ?
  3. Rage

    MS Toga Party

    Do we have more specific hours? I'd love to get schedule of whole event to be sure I won't miss my favorite parts, and having kid on board is perfect distractor without any control of time ?
  4. Lastest LEGO MOC, small office desk mascot for my life partner:
  5. My newest toon 'Rage Of Rytlock', should be renamed to Pink Of Rytlock after this event ? Happy winner of Charr category in Fashion Wars
  6. Few screens:
  7. I got Charr point of view ? Screens below. With love! ~Overkill Dragonbane
  8. until

    Human darts ?
  9. I joined as well: Rage#4655 Lelling: Confirmed
  10. Rage

    Reveal yourself

    Sorry for double posting, but this one is fresh - made this weekend at Krakow Festival of Comics, was awesome! we were there with LEGO exhibition
  11. Yesterday creation for 60 Bricks competition as LEGO got 60th anniversary this year Singer 00 by Kocur Velox, on Flickr
  12. Rage

    Reveal yourself

    Thats me, ~400 years ago
  13. My baby will turn 18 months in 2 days, so we are focused nowdays on DUPLO ofc There is ma last DUPLO creation: Ironman 1½-3 by Kocur Velox, on Flickr


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