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  1. StevieTV

    Bastion of the Penitent

    stevietv.9826 condi renegade
  2. StevieTV

    Hi there

    welcome Estie!
  3. StevieTV

    Screenshot Reenactment Challenge - February 2018

    The mushroom king wishes these slublings would stop coming around!
  4. StevieTV

    First Kill Screenshots

    My first escort kill on tonights introduction run!
  5. StevieTV


    lovely photos Acorn, i'm mesmerised by the one of the elevators from above!
  6. StevieTV

    Siege the Stronghold & Bandit Trio

    stevietv.9826 - Condi DPS Renegade
  7. StevieTV

    First Kill Screenshots

    This evening we had great fun on a Gorseval Introduction run, and managed to get a kill straight after the break. With enough time left we even went on and got a kill on Cairn! thanks again guys for the raid, was good fun.
  8. StevieTV

    Gorseval the Multifarious

    I'd like to come on my Renegade as Condi DPS - stevietv.9826 I very much enjoyed the VG raid last week and would like to continue.
  9. StevieTV

    What are you listening to right now?

    @LellingI love that you posted Evelyn Evelyn! Such a fantastic album! We listen to it so often here
  10. StevieTV

    First Kill Screenshots

    Tonight was my first raid kill with OC, on the Vale Guardian training run (my second raid kill as I now have 2LI though I don't remember the first!). was great fun, and wonderfully lead. looking forward to more.
  11. StevieTV

    Vale Guardian

    I'd like to come on my Renegade as Condi DPS - stevietv.9826 I'm new to the raid (and GW2 raiding) but have read up about the Vale Guardian encounter.
  12. StevieTV

    Screenshot Reenactment Challenge - January 2018

    Here's my screenshot, and the story behind Zjorcha's long weekend break in Southsun Cove
  13. The wurm got the poor doe, and set his sights on me!
  14. StevieTV

    Praise Joko Run