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  1. I think my Abby doesn't like BB-8
  2. You guys are really cool Makes me wanna try out jazzy stuff again, but I always feel a bit ridiculous when playing jazz...I guess I don't have the jazz genes Did you meet the band members at the camp or were you a band before?
  3. Karkas, you stole my line!!!!! And welcome Tom and Dave One of us!
  4. Miyaa


    Flying into the eye of Sauron!!!!
  5. Miyaa


    Lovely Kitties And I like your avatar too! I used to draw a lot as a teenager but I kinda gave it up for other hobbies >.<
  6. Oh my god, @Wiliwilliam your videos are so awesome <3 The naked Tequatl is epic I don't know if its too late, but I have two more screens :3 Snowmen, line up! And Quaggans (and Skritts and Dollys) getting wasted...they don't look that healthy tho O_o
  7. Quaggan Team Meeting! Someone is spying tho....
  8. You all have such amazing pets :3 Okay, I decided to upload some pictures of my dog too, so here we go: This is Abby as a pup And this is her now: Although she loves to play and get wild, cuddling is the best... ....and oh yeah, that's how I play GW
  9. Miyaa

    Reveal yourself

    Oh no, poor dog I know how much effort rehab and all that stuff is, my first dog had two operations on her knees as well and it took such a long time for her to walk normally again...
  10. Miyaa

    Reveal yourself

    @Ebbs I expected much worse after the stories you told! @chaosdog That's a lovely picture! My dog absolutely hates water, she would never do such things
  11. But i found yours too: Lets see if anyone find this car appearing from nowhere...or is it already gone? No one knows....
  12. Damn, Arvinthir! I was a second too slow.....i was just uploading screenshot
  13. Miyaa

    Fimo Stuff

    Thank you @macstat Kupo kupo!
  14. Hey people, a while ago I discovered Fimo, a clay which get rigid when its baked. I really love it, because you can do whatever you want with it and whatever you don't find in any shop. Here is some of the stuff I recently made: This is Sherlock Holmes from the BBC series with Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman And a moogle from Final Fantasy ^^ I also did a Quaggan once but it didn't work out very well so I will have to re-do it Anyone else into making Stuff out of Fimo?
  15. I would also like to try it out I hope it works on my old laptop.....however, I would be happy to get a guest pass
  16. Miyaa

    Once Upon A Time

    @Sabina There is no rescue, you are damned! No one can escape Rumple....
  17. Miyaa

    Once Upon A Time

    @Trinzle I downloaded it from an app called Zedge in Google Playstore. If it doesn't work, i can try to send it to you somehow or upload it EDIT: Okay, seems like it works when I upload it here directly So here you go: rumpelstiltskin_laug-notification_sound-1808101.mp3
  18. Miyaa

    Once Upon A Time

    I watched the first season and now that I see the videos and stuff, I really must watch the second one I love Rumpel btw....have his laughter as a message tone for a friend who watched OUAT too
  19. Did you guys play Bioshock (Infinite)? There are some arrangements of modern songs in kind of the 1920s style and one dude involved has a band, which does just that. Just in case you don't know this incredible band yet They have a tons of videos on youtube and I love them all
  20. Heyho, I really love your work, it looks so awesome <3 If you picking this whole thing up again, I would looooooooove to have an Icon for my Char, which is this one:


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