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  1. Hey people! I've created a new video series that shows how to do jumping puzzle in GW2. Any comments or suggestions are welcome. More to come soon! Sidenote: The Spelunker's Delve jumping puzzle has a small map issue and I am busy fixing that.
  2. Funnynel42

    PvP Burning Bow Dragonhunter

    Hey @IronPhoenix In PvP everyone gets leveled up to level 80 so that it's fair to everyone. Your gear don't really matter as much, the stats differ very little with better gear. If you go into pvp, take a look at the top in the middle of the screen. One of the options are PvP Build. This is where you can switch your armour Runes and weapon Sigils. It also shows your stats so you can build a character the way you want to. Thieves are a bit squishy, but it also depends on how you build them. It also depends on who you're up against. Take your time to learn a class, see how they play and adjust accordingly. Generally Thieves are supportive in to +1 fights and cap/decap points. They can one-shot a lot of classes with certain builds, or they can unload a ton of conditions onto their victims. Metabattle is a great place to get a good builds for any profession you want to play for any game mode. While most elite specs are powerful, sometimes those without them can also be really good. Linky: https://metabattle.com/wiki/MetaBattle_Wiki
  3. Funnynel42

    Show off your Character!

    Been a while since I was last on here, but I modelled my Necromancer/Reaper named Kea Rha and posted it online. I shall provide a image and a link to the 3d viewer if you want to see it yourself. I'm also busy with 3d printing and painting her. https://skfb.ly/68Ly8 Sidenote: I'm bad with names and have about 6 characters with variations of the name Keara.
  4. Funnynel42

    Reveal yourself

    Just a update, I rarely get photos taken of myself.
  5. Funnynel42

    What are you listening to right now?

    I've watched a playthrough of the game called Undertale. One of the songs that struck something within me was "His Theme". I just really like the song. Here a cover of the song:
  6. Funnynel42


    I used to play it (about 10 toons), then put it on hold for a while to play some other games that was clogging up my backlog. I'm not sure what server I'm on, but these days it's so easy to level up a new character, so if you want to, let me know and I'll pick it up again with a new toon and can play together.
  7. Funnynel42

    Anime & Manga — What are YOU raving about?

    I love my anime and manga. Here are a few of my favourite anime: Angel Beats: Brilliant story, interesting characters, great character development, one of the few shows that actually had me in tears. School Rumble: One of my most recommended shows to anyone, it made me laugh, it made me cry, it's just a great comedy. Love Hina: My first ever anime to watch. Sword Art Online: Only watched it recently, and it was good. I'm actually considering to re-watch it again. Nisekoi: Completed season 1, started with 2 now, and I just like the comedy. One Punch Man: This is just awesome in each way. Just watch it if you haven't watched it yet. As you might have noticed by now, I like my action/comedy shows. I don't know why, but I just can't watch Attack on Titan... For me it should have been a mini series and as it is now, it's just boring. Animation quality is fantastic, but the characters and story is just bad. Nothing happens, people train to fight titans, and then when they must fight, they just stand there and do nothing. God Eater is a much better show to watch as it gets into the action quick and they actually fight the monsters. Manga will come at a later date.
  8. Funnynel42

    What are you listening to right now?

    Still one of my favorites: And recently I've found my new favorite Kpop group - Crayon Pop, I really like their music Fun fact, I helped with the video shoot of my both my brothers's band:
  9. Funnynel42

    PvP Greatsword Sword/Axe Warrior

    Here is my current PvP build for my Warrior/Berserker. It is good at sustaining some solo/duo fights. It also gives might to other players close to you. Weapons 1st: Greatsword 2nd: Sword and Axe Utility Skills 6: Healing Signet (heals you, gives you might, gives Resistance to make conditions ineffective) 7: Outrage (Breaks stun, gives you might and stability) 8: Endure Pain (Breaks stun, gives you might and stability) 9: Berserker Stance (Gives resistance to make conditions ineffective) 0: Head Butt (Breaks stun, gives might and stability) Traits 1st line: Strength: Restorative Strength, Forceful Greatsword, Berserker's Power 2nd line: Tactics: Leg Specialist, Empower Allies, Phalanx Strength 3rd line: Berserker: Smash Brawler, Dead or Alive, Eternal Champion Sigils and Runes Greatsword: Sigil of Blood & Sigil of Strength Sword: Sigil of Hydromancy Axe: Sigil of Intelligence Rune of Hoelbrak: Adds power and might duration. Paladin's Amulet for a boost power and Precision. (You can try out the new Destroyer or Demolisher Amulets) Here's a image of the stats you should get Usage Best way I can describe on how to use this build is by saying don't use all your abilities at once. Use your headbutt to stun the enemy, then go into Berserk mode (F2) followed by F1, then you can use your burst moves on a target that is staying still. Use Endure Pain to take no damage from physical attacks. If you are taking a lot of damage from regular attacks, this will prevent it for a while. Use Berserker Stance when you have a lot of conditions on you, this will prevent getting any damage from them. If you still have conditions on you by the time Resistance runs out, use your healing skill (Healing Signet) you will gain more Resistance. VIDEO Here is a video of this build in action:
  10. Funnynel42

    PvP Burning Bow Dragonhunter

    Here is my current PvP build for my Dragonhunter. It does MASSIVE burning damage, and great damage with the bow abilities and traps. I have tested out this build after the quarterly update and it still holds up pretty good. Weapons 1st: Longbow 2nd: Scepter and Torch Utility Skills 6: Purification (heals you and damages enemies) 7: Purging Flames (Main source of the burning conditions) 8: Judges Intervention (Teleport to enemy, adds more burning conditions, breaks stun and gives fury) 9: Procession of Blades (Nice damage trap) 0: Dragon's Maw (Pulls enemies back, great crowd control) You can change Judges Intervention for Contemplation of Purity for more condition cleanse for yourself. You can also change Dragon's Maw for Renewed Focus for invulnerability and recharging your virtues. Traits 1st line: Radiance: Inner Fire, Radiant Fire, Amplified Wrath 2nd line: Valor: Smiter's Boon, Strength in Numbers, Monks Focus 3rd line: Dragonhunter: Dulled Senses or Piercing Light, Hunter's Determination, Heavy Light Sigils and Runes Longbow: Sigil of Smoldering & Sigil of Geomancy Scepter: Sigil of Smoldering Torch: Sigil of Geomancy Rune of Balthazar: Gives you more condition damage and more burning damage. Also burns nearby enemies when you use your healing skill. Carrion Amulet for a boost in condition damage and power and a bit more health. Here's a image of the stats you should get Usage Purging flames is your most useful skill you can have with this build. What it does is it creates an AoE field and if enemies move through it, they gain 3 stacks of burning damage that does a lot of damage. You can use your F1 ability to pulls them into or out of the field, to give them more stacks of burning. Longbow 3 knocks enemies back, so if you pulled them with F1, use Longbow 3 to knock them back out to add even more burning stacks to them. Two of my favourite rotations for this build is: Rotation 1 Chains of Light (Scepter 3), Immobilizes a enemy Purging Flames, Makes enemy panic and will try to evade and still get burned Judge's Intervention, Teleport to enemy and deals burning damage to them Spear of Justice (F1), Tethers the enemy Deflecting Shot (Longbow 3), Knocks enemy outside the AoE if they are still inside and they gain more burning Spear of Justice (F1), Pulls them back in and they gain more burning True Shot (Longbow 2), Does a lot of damage and knocks them back again Symbol of Energy (Longbow 4), More burning damage Rotation 2 Hunter's Ward (Longbow 5), Traps enemies Purging Flames, Makes enemy panic and will try to evade and still get burned True Shot (Longbow 2), Does a lot of damage and knocks them back again Deflecting Shot (Longbow 3), Knocks enemy outside the AoE if they are still inside and they gain more burning Symbol of Energy (Longbow 4), More burning damage Judge's Intervention, Teleport to enemy and deals burning damage to them And all your traps. VIDEO Here is a match I played with this build, I took down a necro in a few seconds. (Just ignore the people talking, they are fellow guild members busy with another match)
  11. Funnynel42


    Hey everyone, thank you very much, so far I enjoy it here. Very friendly people are on here. I would have joined the Black Desert branch too, but at the moment it is IP blocked in my country... As for the image, there are more on the way (at least one a month) as I want to get images done like this for all my characters.
  12. Here are some of my gamer tags for various platforms. Guild Wars 2: Funnynel.6724 Steam: Funnynel42 Origin: Funnynel42 Uplay: Funnynel42 PSN: Funnynel If you need any help in GW2, just shoot me a message in the game and I'll help where I can.
  13. Funnynel42

    What are you listening to right now?

    I recently went on a search for new music to listen to and stumbled upon this band. After listening to them, I'm hooked:
  14. Funnynel42

    Reveal yourself

    I see many people are doing this now, so here is one of me from last year. I am one of the few people who were allowed on this navy ship and to take photos, couldn't resist to do this:
  15. Funnynel42


    Hey, and thank you! I need to see if I can find some of them and... and... and...