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  1. I'm a sucker for pixel art games. Good pixel art. Also I love rpgs and story driven games, with charismatic unique characters, huge lore, and world with the history that isn't just the background for the game you are playing right now. There is a series of games, free to play highly polished, that surprisingly never got much attention it deserves. I'm talking about The Spirit Engine, sort of side scrolling, 2D turn based rpg with fantastic soundtrack, gorgeous art style, and very good story. Can't recommend it enough just check it out. I promise you, it is great and it is free so why not give it a shot ? http://thespiritengine.com
  2. I bought it, and cannot stop playing it. It is so good, I couldn't recommend it enough. But as people said before, playing with your friends is the best way to go, cause unlike other arena shooters it highly team based game. You have to cooperate with others to win a game. If you are this sort of player who likes to carry games, skip that one, you'll be disappointed. But if you enjoy working with other people to overcome obstacles on your way to achieve your goal, it is worth the money it asks you for!
  3. Welcome mate, it's always nice to have some fresh blood here
  4. How rude, no one answered you for almost a week! That can't go on like this! Welcome mate in our little community, I hope you'll have a good time with us
  5. Excelsior madam! Welcome on a board
  6. That Gadd... He is my new idol, greatest genius that lived on Tyria! Before me of course!
  7. We have 18 peps that want to do it. If we gather two more we can set up two groups in stead of just one
  8. Excelsior Mitch! Hope you'll have a great time with us on forum and hopefully you'll join us on ts as well. PS Don't poke Sabina, she can bite you back.
  9. Will do mate, my highest dmg in the game I ever dealt was on Ezreal as well, and I don't even own this champ. I got it from free rota. I belive it was the only time as well when I manage to get over 100 k dmg which is insane. Looking forward to buy him as next champion. @edit friend request has been send to you Steki
  10. I would love to do raid with you guys but on saturday I'm working from 17 CET till 21 CET, and sunday I'm working from 8 CET till 14 CET... Is there a chance to do raid later on sunday, around 15 CET ? I will be back at home, and I'm more then interested in raiding.
  11. RNGesus, just go away, preferably to hell. Cause he never answer my prayers.
  12. I was going to make a topic about this game. Was looking for one yesterday and couldn't find any I come back today and here we go, someone did it for me, thank you ! I play mostly on EUNE, my favourite champion was Warwick since the beta in 2009. But lately he is not reliable any more, and lack of any complexity after so long make him sadly kind of boring to play. So to be more accurate now my most popular champion for quiet few months is Elise. I love her design, love her skins and of course her fantastic kit. Perfect for ganking, really nice cleaning time on jungle, and can be tanky while still dealing lots of dmg. As you may see I love jungling, that is the only position on which I feel comfortable to play. Secondary role would be support, cause I kind of sucks in farming cs. I'm always behind doesn't mater if I'm wining my lane or not. Last few months 75% game I play would be Aram mode, just don't feel like a summoners rift is a place right now where I want to be. With the pre season mess and constant balance changes in upcoming patches it becomes kind of hard to fallow what is the meta and what items and builds are reliable and which one are not any more. My other champions I like from various reasons, are : Gnar - the design of it, it's so cute and fun to play Vel koz - destructive power, and cause of spuzey and oh darn emote spam Jinx - she is damn hot, crazy, and I got my first penta with her <3 Lee sin - love the kit, I totally suck with him so yeah, moving on Bard - I mean, he is so derpy, and clunky, and underpowered, but still have fun to play kit, perfect for trolling your mates and enemies Azir - I become a fun of his lately Zac - my main jungler in season 3, very strong lately again in the jungle Kha'zix -mostly cause of design ( I'm huge Alien fan ) Annie - cause of Annie Panda skin <3, and I love to burn ppl and nuke them with Tibers So yeah that would be it, if you guys play on EUNE and would like to play with me from time to time you can find me under same nickname as her on the forum
  13. It is not about being creepy, also there is nothing wrong in being arrogant if you are right bookah! Honestly I love their culture, animations, everything about them, cool look and design. By the way I forgot to mention I deeply enjoy cooking Fancy food is something I always try to improve. I also enjoy dancing... no comments about that Please don't judge me.
  14. I'm not sure where I got it from, but it has been my wallpaper for a long time. Like really long, counting in years.
  15. I don't have original video with music but didn't even bothered with looking for one, cause this guy is so cool on Azir


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