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  1. Junkie

    Knit it up

    Thank you for comments, people, and sorry for my long quiet moment. I have been doing things but my photo taking is not as active as it should be. I shall entertain you with something I did last year for my lovely Dutchbag as a Christmas present. Behold! Oh I wish Podrick would be my actual boyfriend My boyfriend doesn't want to show his face around internet so I had to do so far the best photo edition in my life. This is like a precursor for GW2 -scarf. Pattern from Ravelry, yarn from yarn store and gentleman from the Netherlands- and we got a perfect gift for Game of Thrones -fan! This scarf is also double-sided and double-warm. For a scale, Dutchbag is over 2 meters tall. Guess it tells well enough how massive that scarf is- and Guild Wars 2 scarf is same size. For this I actually had to go through some crappy yarn to find a perfect one for this, yarn that is good sized and doesn't itch and stays on its shape. Only minus I find is that text is readable only on one side but other than that there are not much flaws in this one... I guess. Needless to say he has been very happy about this scarf and he also has made few (hundreds) GoT-fans envious with it. My duty is fulfilled!
  2. Junkie

    Knit it up

    Heh, thanks for comments people! It sore is one of the coolest things I've made A little bit of updating! I've been lazy-ass during TT explonations so instead of following for dry-runs and such, I just sit on my butt and crochet. This time it created a creature called Sheep. All great honor to my sister, who took these photos! This little fella is indeed made out from yarn, some more yarn, 2 buttons and a ribbon. Pattern is Heidi Bear's design (and just ask if you want to get link for the pattern!) that I found the most perfect for yarn store. In the future I'll be giving this Sheepity-Shoopity to one of my favourite yarn stores! Plushie is made out form multiple little crocheted flowers and later sewn together. It's filled with plushie stuffing and is nice, poofy and happy. Hopefully. Sheep with my own black sheep Oscar. They are both so fluffy and similar, except sheep looks kind, cute and young and Oscar looks grumpy, evil and old. They both are majestetic as heck, though.
  3. Oooh, this is one must-stalk topic! I have my nickname Junkie based on my real name though only 2 first letters are the same. If the name is not available, I use Reeloy or Reeloyk based on always-so-famous Leeroy Jenkins. Most of my charracters have Finnish firstname and Winter as a warband. I had an idea of charr warband which I could write fictional storys and stuff but it kinda didn't happen. Some of those charrachers are Kiiruna Winterbow (Kiiruna = bird specie), Ikiuni Winternight (Ikiuni = Eternal sleep) and Riemu Wintershadow (Riemu = joy). Though my revenant is called as Kalima Miststrike because it sounds cool and I like Kalima- name, and my mesmer is called as Halla Hunterscream, Halla means frost and Hunterscream I got from Left 4 Dead game. On the other hand, non-charrs are somehow Reeloy-related (Reeloyted hoho) and my warrior, for example, is called as Reeloy Kenjins and necro asura as Reyloy.
  4. Junkie

    Reveal yourself

    Me with my bad habit to jump in too big shoes.
  5. Above the arena is a metallic box. Once you jump on top of it, you drop down to the box's bottom
  6. Hahahaha, of course, Bane! Looks different in daylight. Now to somewhere brighter!
  7. Underground Facility and Snowblind fractals are the ones I need. From UF I have to harvest ice pillar at the end of fractals and Snowblind I have to harvest Elemental's Source. Simply just double-click a jar that I have in my inventory // I got some help from community member (veeeery very very big thanks!!) and am done with precursor tier! Of course if someone is going for easy fractals I can be asked for those
  8. I know this is not LFG-system, but as a sozially horrible person I see this more comfortable option than game's system since Fractals are not something I've mastered. I'm happily crafting precursor for Frostfang and as I'm happily doing the last tier, I ran into blockade. Fractals. Those changing dungeons, agony in the agony, a true unexplored area for Fractal-newbie like me. Otherwise there wouldn't be a problem but I'm not a part of any guild where I'd dare to ask help (looks so sad when written) mostly because I know nothing (Jon Snow) and I'd higly recommend ts-usage. I always like to do anything in-game multiple times with good guidance before hopping into pug-groups and I simply couldn't knew any better place to ask help than OC. I have ranger with all ascended stuff, maybe a little bit of AR (I need to look for that), knowledge of how does my build work and pet control understanding. As said, I also have ts and I'm willing to talk in there. I've done few fractals with some people I know but I consider myself as "I don't know what's going on until you target something and then I still don't know anything" -level on Fractals. So if someone's planning on doing lvl 5 or lvl 8 fractals, throw a message either here or straight to me on TS (Junkie). I'm at afk-channel but if I'm online in there, it means I most likely am around and ready for pain. ~Junkie
  9. As a knitter and gamer and somehow attention-seeking shy person I decided to toss some of my works here. I have learned the Great Magic of Knitting and Crocheting (mastery lvl 35/45) which I'm using to create warm stuff to people and to myself. First I'll introduce something that especially fellow Guild Wars 2 fellas will recognize. It is duckin' warm piece of gently tied yarn created into suitable clothing accessory for cold winter weathers. Pattern is, as you obviously see, from GW2 icons and logo. I simply photoshopped a nice pattern for this thing, knitted it in a week, almost broke my wrist and managed to get nice birthday present to myself. It's made out from Cotton-Merino-yarn so it doesn't itch or anything at all. Warms like mad, because it's knitted reversibly; like 2 scarfs into 1. For knitters, I have more info about this in Ravelry (Reeloy is acc name). Cat tax! Quality checker Smirre wasn't pleased with all the stitches.
  10. Thanks for your comments, folks! Warms mycold-blooded heart
  11. Introducing, because why not? So! I'm bit over 21 years and 150cm female person from the cold land of snow and darkness called Finland, around Lapland to descibe it better. I'm studying, or more like "studying" at high school and I should be able to finish that by the end of the year. I live without pets (sniff) but my parents have 4 cats which I go see here and there. I've been playing Guild Wars 2 for three years. My friend lured me to try and play and even though she doesn't play anymore, I kept on playing and it has been absolutely wonderful way to throw away this thing called life. I especially love charrs, female ones, mostly because they have so beautiful designs. Males, unfortinately, doesn't have as good designs so they are quite far behind my liking. What a racist I am! Tshk! Anyway, I have multiple characters I use, at the moment I'm running aroung with my ranger Kiiruna Winterbow. The best way to recognize me is guild tag [FAR], Fighters and Rebels, which in I'm pretty much only active member. I also play Skyrim and Monster Hunter. I don't play many other games so I can focus on games I actually really like. Besides games I knit and sleep. Good life. I can be found in GW2 with account Junkie.7925 if someone wants to expand friend list. Beware, I'm very horrible what it comes to socializing! I tell bad jokes, act like fool and don't have any situation awareness _at all_. If you're willing to take risk, by all means. I can also be found in ts as Junkie. I'll gladly have a chat with people why have enough courage to try to have a chat with me. Do ask if something bothers your mind of this creatures existance!
  12. Enough said? Enough said


We have an open Teamspeak, which can be freely used by guests in need of a practical voice communication solution.

Address: ts.theopencommunity.org

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