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  1. 1st kills on the 2019 new raid training groups! been running for 3 weeks now people have found the class and role they like to play and almost have wing 1 down to perfection! next week sab will die and we will have a full run wish us luck ?
  2. p.s sorry for the wall text on my phone ?
  3. i know members of nuts love being in the open community and have made some good friends etc and the social aspect is nice and the fact that its expanding to other games not just solely gw2 is good as we have black desert overwatch destiny etc etc groups that run along with xbox and ps4 groups so its nice to see more diversity happening. however the large majority are from GW2 and we thought all events and calanders with the open community are/have been stopped and PvE guild and commanders taking over??? we may have added 2+2 and came out with 5? but whats to stop most of the gw2 community that joined OC for the fun commanded events leave when PvE become fully independant? (NUTS was formed from the games release so officers leaders etc loved the organised things within the OC as people have grown up had kids business owners and dont have as much free time as we did 6 years ago!) like i said we may have come out with 5 and got our info wrong :S
  4. https://discord.gg/ge4Xryz hello all! [NUTS] RE FORMING RAID TEAMS! from experienced to 1st runs! all people are welcome weather it be a static team youre looking for to a one off kill run join our team speak/ discord and be placed in a team that suits ur needs! EVERYONE IS WELCOME!!!!!
  5. i say fairplay to all that give there free time and effort to organise these things and keep things going! EVERYONE and i mean EVERYONE! at some point needs a break and a wind down so doing it as a whole makes sense and will inject a bit of buzz about the community when its revival happens.... absence makes the heart grow fonder and all that! im shocked and saddened to hear that people within this community would threaten you personally and your finances with lawsuits!!! its beyond crazy the one thing that attracted me and the majority of the NUTS guild was the fact that everyone here seemed nice helpful fun and all inclusive! so from me and my guild i want to thank lelling and all the other OC staff and event organisers helpers raid leaders generally chatty people within this community and im sure when everything is back full swing it will be better than ever So all take as much time as you need refresh your battery's Much Love xxx
  6. Fatal

    Destiny 2 FREE

    Heya guys not sure if its been mentioned anywhere but destiny 2 is free with battle.net accounts not sure if its limited time but worth getting if its FREE!!!! look forward to seeing anyone who gets it feel free to add fatal#2504 for overwatch destiny 2 etc!
  7. Anyone thinking of giving this ago? if so drop a line here may get a group from the oc to play together!
  8. @Nan's first sloth and trio kills <3 congrats and thanks to the raid community! (sorry for low quality was in wvw before i joined the raid forgot to up the graphics )
  9. So many people helping out with fundraising for meningitis now here is a friend who gave time and effort to do a song for one of our charity events! give it a listen guys!
  10. heya guys although this event has ended REVROND an event leader within the NUTS guild is looking to form a raid group that can run together for there weekly/biweekly raid wings (after the inital learning phase!) ALL people are welcome as it is a raid team for beginners! ill drop the link to his post here so u can all check it out or sign up to the team if you like! hope to see some of you, or some new faces on the sign up sheet!
  11. Welcome! hope you have fun with everyone @ the OC
  12. Fatal


  13. Fatal

    NUTS Guild missions

    Guild missions with [NUTS]
  14. Hey all as the title suggests were looking for a designer /creative person who is good with computers to create [NUTS] a banner to be used on a youtube channel and websites etc AND new logo our guildwars in game mascot is the pink beaver! but as we expand across different games people just want a cross world logo that can be used anywhere as NUTS Gaming rather than the nutcrackers and the pink beaver example one example 2 of course we would pay in game (GW2) and out for a decent banner/logo that we could use everywhere and with so many creative people in the community i thought this would be my 1st stop! please help NUTS Gaming find our new identity logo!!!


We have an open Teamspeak, which can be freely used by guests in need of a practical voice communication solution.

Address: ts.theopencommunity.org

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