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  1. If anyone needs to waste a decent portion of their lives I reccommend watching Legend of Galactic Heroes. It is a 100+ episode (plus several specials) space opera anime that is superb. Once you invest time into the characters (can be a bit overwhelming with the numbers/names at first) it is definately worth it. Cant say more because spoilers! Berserk is also a guilty pleasure. I can go back and watch it all the time. If you only have 5 minutes, check out Guts vs 100. Feng Shen Ji is a decent manga (ongoing). The first chapters really set the tone, although I feel some characters just dont get the time they deserve. Psyren is one of those managas I picked up and cannot understand why it ended and still doesen't have an anime adaptation. It did lose its way a bit, but it was an interesting story and well worth aread.
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    This is me with my family's puppies. Charlie is on the right (looks a little sad) and Jasper is the one being held, because he cannot keep still.


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