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  1. Calendar tab is there for me, just in between Forum and Search tabs, if this is what you're referring to, not sure what might be the issue. Now as far as raids and scheduling goes, for now nothing will be scheduled on the website calendar, you can keep an eye on this sub-forum for various threads (runs, lfgs or similar) people might be posting. [DV] however plans on starting consistent scheduled raids (both training and kill runs), so if you want to get into those, check out the thread in the DV subforum (https://www.theopencommunity.org/topic/374-dv-goes-raid-v2/). As mentioned there, those should mainly be scheduled on DV's discord server, so you might want to get onto it, as well as ask a moderator to add you to the raid sub-channel. Keep in mind, even though that post has been up for some time now, it might stay inactive for a bit more, as there's been a lot of work that had to be done with all TS and Website changes, so Slay's kinda been busy 24/7 ^^
  2. Since I already have this thread up, bit of an update ^^ (try to ignore really dark colors, youtube quality is just meh, it blended too many shades of black together so shadows are too dark ) EDIT: re-uploaded in order to somewhat fix colors on youtube
  3. So yeah, I was kinda bored and felt like giving editing another go. It's still bad, fairly filled with mistakes, pacing issues and so on, but it's my second time using Sony Vegas, and first time ever opening After Effects. It's more of a test try anyway (like that amazing "floating" text in the intro, it was literally me saying "uuu, 3d motion camera tracking is a thing"). All in all, figured why not share it. I know we're not too enthusiastic when it comes to CS, but still, take a look ^^
  4. 3-4 hours of sleep, and been awake for ~20h now, no idea why I don't feel tired, but it's just amazing how relaxing listening to this is.
  5. Yup, that'd make 5, if we can all gather at the same time. Perhaps after some regular events. I have exams this and next week though, so I probably won't be able to play until that is sorted.
  6. That makes two, and I'm pretty sure there are more, so chop chop people ^^ But yeah, if the rank difference is too high or someone is unranked, we can only queue with a full premade, I'd like to play, but we literally can't until we find 2 more.
  7. Sure thing, what rank are you though, or what rank were you before, if you haven't played in a while? If it's a bigger difference might have to drag in at least 3 more people to get that full lobby going ^^ Also, whoever checks this thread out --> https://www.twitch.tv/mlg, Major semis playing right now (GF tomorrow at 19:30), check it out a bit, easily get hyped up and you'll be into CS by the next day
  8. So, guess I'll be the one to start this. FPS, particularly CS people that'd like to team up with some community people and play, let us know! Who knows, we might manage to get something slightly bigger going on in the community one day ^^, it's not strictly GW2 after all. I'll leave my steam here, so all feel free to add: perki, rank is LEM, but I have an alt at MG2 (in my defense, I kept it one rank below main, but inactivity + rank shift kinda killed it ._.). So, if interested, want to start playing or already playing, add me or post your info below, actually post something anyway, so we see how many people we have ^^ Also, #NAhype
  9. I kinda hinted at making this thing finally, Cyan was like "Yaaass!", to then realize it's been a week already. So let's start I guess ^^ Hello everyone! To start off, usual info I guess, 20 year old guy from Croatia, going by the name of Leon, currently studying IT on 2nd year. Aside from that, as far as gamer life is concerned, figure it'd be worth pointing out I always had a thing for competitive FPS scene (1.6, CoD4 and CSGO primarily). While usually I wasn't a regular MMO type (casually played WoW before), GW2 ended up being a game I put most time into, and so far, it's definitely been one hell of a ride for me. With that out of the way, to shed some light onto my connection with OC, and overall events that kinda made these communities ^^ If you've been around for.. well, quite a while, you might know me from early Wurm days, that is when I joined DV, started commanding and expanding that lil' Gandara's world-boss community (DV is love, DV is life <3). Later on it was GW2C era, and more than good half a year of everyday commanding (totally didn't do 3-4, both Wurm and Tequatl runs daily ^^). All that eventually led to OC, its forming and growth to what it is now. I was then active for the first few months, but once things settled and it kinda became self-working, I finally took a break, due to college and simply being burnt out with the game (after all, been playing this actively since the start ._.). Regardless, I simply can't deny it's one awesome feeling to just look at this place and see how much it's grown and how amazing it is. We took a risk one day, and hell if it didn't pay off. I'm now back into all this though. With college, especially this semester I won't be around too often, but I'll try to make it often enough That'd be it I guess, it's really great to see so many new faces, and especially all old ones (except Sourunji's, because for whatever reason he's always afk when I actually join for stuff, for real Sourunji ._.) Soooo.. see ya all around then.
  10. It is buy2play, and as far as I've seen, cash-shop isn't really p2w, most items are either cosmetic or convenience based. That said, as it isn't purely cosmetic, you might find lacking some of the stuff in the cash-shop more or less annoying, but as I haven't started playing yet, can't say much about it.


We have an open Teamspeak, which can be freely used by guests in need of a practical voice communication solution.

Address: ts.theopencommunity.org

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