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  1. So you've been wondering what is Santa doing in summer? Me too, so I've hired a detective to follow him around. Here's Santa and his little helpers... stealing the booze? Naaah, they must be shooting a PSA! ... Right? Remember, kids! Stealing is bad.
  2. I'm sorry to inform you, but those 3 naughty little asura are responsible of Santa's death. RIP Christmas... Couldn't you pick instead a warm cozy cottage with a fireplace, you bad kids? ... When Santa saw that wurm messing with his reindeer, he had to show him who's the boss! ... that might have worked if Santa would go outside more often than once per year instead of eating cookies all day long. Oh well... At least we still have Tixx!
  3. On the pic: Rhaifa (Anabaena) and Joanna Banana (Jean Green) - the finalist of the Belcher's Bluff competition from OC Week. + our famous racer Himiko as quaggan and shout out to Canoe for being our camera man. \o/ Was fun.
  4. It's a Naked Triple-Triple Trouble! 1) Three naked burning skeletons (should use sunscreen, sunburns is no joke!) 2) Three naked and very troublesome Lords Farens (the third one feels very naked without his sword) 3) Sad (and very naked) anomaly with drinking troubles.
  5. You can bite me if you want. I'm healthy and tasty. I mean...! Hi.
  6. and you will make mine if you'll take the photo! EDIT: btw guys, if perhaps you only view the forum and don't have account to be able to send a private message to me, then you can contact me on Discord (JoannaBanana#0602) or in game if you have any questions etc: Jean Green.7208
  7. [EDIT: The time has almost passed, I take no more pics after 18:00 CEST on 19 September, thx to everyone who helped ^_^] I'm not sure if this is the right place for this topic, cause there's nothing to show off yet, but... there will be! Oh well, I guess I can link here my fledgling YT channel (youtube.com/tahinata), but the topic is about one specific video that is currently under construction! And you can help me finish it. <3 Ekhm... Hello! I need you! If you didn't hear yet I'm working on a video for WoodenPotatoes competition. There will be this segment for which I need help of as many GW2 players as I can get. Couple days ago I've started to go from person to person, to all my guildies, thinking that this way people will be sure of their importance and they won't shrug it with the "other people will do it, so I don't have to", buuutt (butt) I'd like to keep the subject alive - visible all the time - cause some people tell me "sure, I'll do it!" and next day they're like "ohh, right, I forgot!", hahaha. And I'm not sure anymore who's just taking they time and who needs a reminder. So that's why I created a text channel dedicated to this on my guild's Discord and now I'm coming to my fellow OpenCommunity friends. So how can you help? Quoting: pick up a peaceof paper, can be A4, can be ripped from notebook, can be even toilet paper, as long as the text will be seen (I'd recommand using marker), then write on it or on your belly, forehead or on the wall, or wherever stuff like "HYPE" or "I love GW2!" or "GET POF" or "GIVE ME POF ALREADY", "can I mount my bunny-kangaroo yet?", "I wanna merge with my cat #teamsoulbeast" or be creative and take a photo of yourself holding it :smile: might be with a face if you brave, might be just middle body with text in front of you, however you feel like, bring pets or friends into the photo if you wanna or if you're really shy, then let your hamster hold it alone, haha Big thx in advance if you can do this for me. If from any reason you would feel bad with community members seeing your pic right now (perhaps you want to make it a surprise of a sort) then send the pics directly to me, but feel free to just post pics in this topic. I'll post here some examples to encourage you!


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