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  1. I struggle with a nice way to put my thoughts on this subject into words, because of how much it did effect my day to day life. And this was all still with the best intent in mind, wanting the best for the community. Wanting our user base to be happy, to have these events for you guys. I put so much time, and energy into OC from late 2016 to now. Starting out as a normal Event Team commander, to commanding Triple Trouble. Becoming a mod, then eventually a Team lead/Community manager. Countless hours of commanding, planning events, and any back-end tasks that needed attention. I had even changed my availability at work to be there to command if needed, and even times where I'd come home from work to jump straight into commanding. But as time went on my interest in the game changed, and so many things I felt like I was forcing myself to do. And don't get me wrong interest in commanding comes and goes, we've gone through so many commanders in the time I've been here. But at the same time I've seen hundreds of people come and go. Some only here for our events, others who wanted to be part of OC. Feeling like if they weren't playing GW2 anyone that they didn't have a place here, and would simply disappear. Everything on the outside really did feel like it had to be all GW2 related. And even when we started the Minecraft server, it only helped so much, but that opened another can of worms of it's own. But we made it to the point where we are now, a good chunk of our commanders prior to the downtime their hearts weren't truly into it anymore. We instead wanted a nice cozy place to have a community, to play games together. To support one another, and to get back to enjoying what they loved. And then the others still want, and enjoy organizing events. Which we figured this Task Force was the best way to go about it. We want to see it grow, and succeed at what they want to do, and help if needed. But I personally don't want to go back to putting my life in standby, to make sure events are happening.
  2. Oh, I'm excited to hear that! I love the colors of autumn.
  3. This looks super cool, always so cool places from above it all seems so different that way.
  4. Saiface

    Bounty Hunt

    Tomorrow should be in Elon, and we do all the bounties on that map for the run
  5. Event Requirements: A level 80 characterPath of FireRecommended: Canyon Jumping Raptor Mount mastery, High Vault Springer Mount mastery Event Information: Many challenges await in the Crystal Desert and Vabbi, but fortunately there are always heroes who are not afraid of a challenge! The event is a run through all of the Path of Fire Waypoints and Hero Points! Players can either bring new characters that have not been to the Crystal Desert yet, or come with those that are already veterans of the desert, as many of the Hero Challenges are repeatable and will give rewards even to those who have already completed them once before! Players do not have to have any waypoint in the area in advance.
  6. Saiface

    Hero point farm POF

    There isn't one on the schedule currently, but I will ask the Event Team commanders if any of them are interested in running one soon. So just keep your eyes on the calendar as it will always be put there once one does get scheduled.
  7. Saiface


    Zhaitan's champion, Tequatl, terrorizes Sparkfly Fen. The Hylek and Vigil forces have banded together to protect the coast and fight off the encroaching undead! The event features a world boss of moderate difficulty. Three to four teams defend the special objectives while fighting the boss in several phases.
  8. More vids can be found HERE Pridevid5.mp4
  9. Hello Minecrafters! As some of you may already know, the Minecraft 1.13 Aquatic Update is right around the corner. And with that being said we have a few things we would like to announce. Aquatic Update! So what is the Aquatic Update? The Aquatic update is actually a mixture between two planned updates for Minecraft. The first being a more technical one, with tweaks to many commands. But the main part of this update is as the name suggests Aquatic related. Some of the new additions include the following. New Ocean Biomes, and Structures New hostile mobs Dolphins, Turtles, and Fish New blocks, and Items And quite a bit more, which you can look at on the Official Minecraft Wiki How does this impact our server? Here is the not so fun part, with this update it makes changes to the world generation of the game itself. The addition of the new biomes changes not only the look of the oceans, but the classifications of them as well. So any currently generated oceans on any worlds prior to the update will not have any of the new content. So for our server it could mean exploring outwards thousands of blocks, which doesn't quite sound like fun. A Whole New World! With the information above in mind we have decided to reset the map, and start fresh for the new update. As well as what you will need to know moving forward. Map Reset: This will all be done server side, and what will happen is we will no longer be playing on our current world. Meaning you will lose any items you have on your person, or in chests/storage. As well as any current building you have around the world. The server IP will not be changing during any of this, only the map itself, and the game version. What will happen to the current world? The world save will remain, we wont be deleting it after the update hits. But it will no longer be active, or used moving forward. At a later date we will provide a world download for those interested in having a copy saved. As well as the possibility of having some builds moved onto the new server, such as the Medieval town. How can I join the server? Our Minecraft server is currently whitelist only to prevent abuse, so in order to join, you simply need to fill in a signup form! We do have a few rules though, so when signing up please do read them. Minecraft Guidelines Whitelist Signup New Addition to the Guidelines! The server is for the community as a whole, and we have noticed a few things put a damper on the fun. That being railways in the sky, these not only cut over others builds. But also ruins the view for those who live around the rail ways. So as we move forward and we have the map reset, the sky railways won't be allowed. What is still allowed with railways: You can still build them in the over world, just no longer across the skyline. And remember other people could live in the area, ask before you cut through with a rail system. And if you are unsure who lives there, just don't build near it. Rail systems in the Nether will still be allowed, no changes have been made here. Monthly Games! Moving forward with the server as well, we will be working on implementing monthly games for our active players. With the chance to win some nice in-game loot. Some examples of games: Building games Map wide puzzles Races PvP fun And many more~ Minecraft Team! With all these updates comes an exciting new addition to the OpenCommunity teams - the Minecraft Team! We will be creating a new team to go along with all the fun we have planned. What we are looking for is a small group of people who would want to help us setting up these monthly games, participate in constructing the new spawn area, as well as keep an eye on the server to make sure everything is running smoothly. If this sounds like something you might be interested in, please do consider signing up! How to join: To apply for the team, all you have to do is fill out the Signups form!
  10. until
    Tyria is full of dangers, and heroes are called upon to cleanse those dangers! We are those heroes! Let us charge and rid the world of various centaur lords, svanir shamans, and monsters from other worlds! _________________________________________________________ This is a relaxed event, and it includes shenanigans, running around, and killing stuff while chatting with a nice music bot in the background. You can also drop by any time to chat without even joining us in-game! We can do some boss achievements if people need them, but overall it's just a nice place to chat and get loot. We might also get some achievements on the way! You can join us at any time during the three-hour event. We'll be wrapping up with the 21:00 Tequatl, ending just in time for Triple Trouble! 17:45 - Gathering at Shadow Behemoth 18:00 - The Shatterer 18:20 - Ley Line Anomaly 18:30 - Modniir Ulgoth 18:45 - Fire Elemental 19:00 - Golem Mark II 19:15 - Great Jungle Wurm (Caledon Forest) 19:30 - Claw Of Jormag 19:45 - Shadow Behemoth 20:00 - Karka Queen -> Admiral Taidha Covington 20:15 - Svanir Shaman Chief 20:30 - Megadestroyer 21:00 - Tequatl (gathering starts at 20:45) After Tequatl dies, we can move over to the Triple Trouble channel for the Evolved Jungle Wurm (Triple Trouble)!
  11. Wrong Stronghold? Try to destroy it anyways!
  12. until
    The Maguuma Jungle is fraught with perils, and it's up to us to face them! For a reward, of course. We'll be cutting our way through Verdant Brink, Auric Basin and Tangled Depths, slicing and dicing enemies in our way, to get some experience and talent out of it. The event is a run through enough Heart of Thorns hero points to get you your elite Specialization! Players can either bring new characters that have not been to the Heart of Maguuma yet, or come with those that are already veterans of the jungle, as many of the Hero Challenges are repeatable and will give rewards even to those who have already completed them once before! Players do not have to have any waypoint in the area in advance. Requirements: A Level 80 Character Heart of Thorns Updraft Mastery Bouncing Mushrooms
  13. 🔥Thanks Karry 🔥


We have an open Teamspeak, which can be freely used by guests in need of a practical voice communication solution.

Address: ts.theopencommunity.org

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